1. Bashamm

    Basham's 50c Thumbnail Shop

    Welcome to my Thumbnail Shop :) I've been doing youtube for 2 years and have done most of my thumnails with some exceptions. :p I'll also be doing vouch copies :D Price: 50c per thumbnail Thumbnails: :tup: CONTACT ME! - Twitter - @BashammMC - Telegram - Bashamm - Discord -...
  2. fabiansdca

    fabian. | 10% Off Everything | Vouch Copies for People With 20+ Rep

    Skype - fabiansdca Portfolio
  3. ScottehBoeh

    100% Professional Thumbnails - Worked Part-time for Yogscast

    Hello. My name is Scott, but I'm known online as ScottehBoeh. I'm 17 years old and currently working as a part-time Thumbnail Designer for many large YouTube organisations and Channels, such as The Yogscast, creating catchy, stand-out thumbnails. I use professional 3D Rendering Software and...
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