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title manager

  1. Lightcaster5

    Professional TitleManager Sidebar 1.0

    Clean looking Sidebar/Scoreboard for your server. This configuration requires TitleManager, you can download here: When you download the file, You get 5 different configs that you can paste into TitleManager's config. If you have trouble...
  2. Jade Holder

    Selling TitleManager Config $0.5 each

    TitleManager | Nice Config Setup $0.5!! If you would like a custom one please send me a message and il get it done ASAP! TabList Join Messages If you want to purchase the config pm me!
  3. S

    TitleManager Custom Tab Menus Config

    // SKYPE: ICurbStompMidgets69 \\ // PAY BY: PayPal \\ // Please Share IF You Enjoy My Config! \\ // I CAN ALSO DO OTHER CONFIGS FOR CHEAP \\ // PRICE FOR TITLEMANAGER CONFIG: FREE \\ // SKYPE ME WITH WHAT TYPE OF STYLE YOU'D LIKE \\
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