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  1. xWand

    ⭐ TitleManager Config - Modern ⭐ [1.8-1.18] 1.0

    What is it? This is a simple, sleek and modern configuration for the plugin TitleManager for versions 1.8 to 1.18. It configures the scoreboard, tablist, and join titles/actionbars. » Configured Scoreboard » Configured Tablist » Configured join title/actionbar » Active and friendly support »...
  2. Askarion

    ✅Best TitleManager config pack on MCM! ✅ 1.1

    ⚡ STYLE 1 ⚡ ⚡ STYLE 2 ⚡ ⚡ STYLE 3 ⚡ ⚡ STYLE 4 ⚡ ⚡ STYLE 5 ⚡ ⚡ STYLE 6 ⚡ Requirements: (!) PlaceholderAPI (!) TitleManager
  3. Spaceley

    TitleManager Config Easy to edit 1.0.1

    Simple and easy to edit tab & scoreboard made with Titlemanager, simply upload the plugin to your server and replace the config file and display a cool gradient style tab and scoreboard on your server. This configuration has been setup with basic placeholders, for example the last 3 in the...
  4. FiftyWalrus

    PixelMine | Nametags 1.2

    56 high quality seaonal title nametags for your server shop, plus 8 blank nametags and a PSD file with text layed out to create your own nametags. Offer them all at once or limit them to seasonal rewards. Contact me for quick and easy designs or variations: Kalvin#7515
  5. Ty

    [BASIC] Skyblock Configuration Bundle (Featherboard, TitleManager and ServerListPlus) 1.0

    Basic Skyblock Configuration Bundle This configuration bundle includes one style for Featherboard scoreboard, TitleManager tab, and ServerListPlus. I will add more styles within the next couple of weeks to make it more worth the small price! Current showcase; Any problems should be...
  6. Lightcaster5

    Professional TitleManager Sidebar 1.0

    Clean looking Sidebar/Scoreboard for your server. This configuration requires TitleManager, you can download here: When you download the file, You get 5 different configs that you can paste into TitleManager's config. If you have trouble...
  7. Krispycubes

    TitleManager | Config 1.0

    Hello! Today I will be selling a high quality tab config in multiple different colors to fit your server needs! Each config is labeled with the different color code they have.
  8. TheGreatScrubini

    Tab Prefix/Color?

    Hey how can you give a player a color/prefix when you press tab using TitleManager??? I will vouch if I can get help :D
  9. Laqqin

    ---> | TitleManager & Featherboard Configurations | <---

    Hey all! I was wondering if anyone could make me something for my upcoming server! It would need to be TitleManager and Featherboard Configurations! If you wish to contact me, PM me here on MC-Market! I would like for it to like this: I am willing to vouch and rep the user who does this for...
  10. Jade Holder

    Selling TitleManager Config $0.5 each

    TitleManager | Nice Config Setup $0.5!! If you would like a custom one please send me a message and il get it done ASAP! TabList Join Messages If you want to purchase the config pm me!
  11. S

    TitleManager Custom Tab Menus Config

    // SKYPE: ICurbStompMidgets69 \\ // PAY BY: PayPal \\ // Please Share IF You Enjoy My Config! \\ // I CAN ALSO DO OTHER CONFIGS FOR CHEAP \\ // PRICE FOR TITLEMANAGER CONFIG: FREE \\ // SKYPE ME WITH WHAT TYPE OF STYLE YOU'D LIKE \\
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