1. Diekieboy


  2. KamillPlayZ

    TokenShop | Custom Currencies | Skript v1.0

    Add a brand new shop to your server where players can exchange items for others! The shop contains at most 5 items at one time, and refreshes once every day.
  3. RubyDo

    - CyberMC - Exclusive - OP-Prison - Custom Plugins - Custom Builds - Custom Configs - $340 made

    This server did made some money in 2020 about $340. Max Player base we reached about 40, most of them enjoy playing the server and getting free drop party from votes. Version 1.8-1.16.+ Features Custom menus Custom crates Custom builds Custom enchants Custom plugins Custom donator color...
  4. Jak3

    [$50 BIN] MineToken | Domain & Logo

    Hi, I'll keep it simple, I'm here today to sell the remnants of my old server MineToken. This includes the domain (expires Dec. 30) and the server's logo. The server had almost 200 on launch a few months ago and it would not surprise me if there were still some people who joined...
  5. IKEW

    Discord Tokens (NOT AN AD OR REQUEST TO BUY)

    are non email verified discord user tokens worth anything? like 0.01 maybe? asking this because i might mass produce them, after that, i want to make them email verified.
  6. Swanis

    SuperTokens v1.1.1

    The #1 Tokens Plugin on the Market! Super Tokens is a custom currency & shop designed to make users grind to earn stuff like ranks, keys & much more! Fully configurable 1.8-1.20.x Support MySQL Support Unlimited rewards Updating reward shop Changeable drop rates Sounds Easy to use API...
  7. Kappios

    Pickaxe Upgrades Menu

    Pickaxe Upgrades Menu This is a perfect pickaxe upgrades menu for an upcoming server that wants to introduce something amazing looking to their players. A beautifully designed GUI, with a lot of enchantments and a few "coming soon" enchantments for you to quickly edit if wanted. Information...
  8. JPVortex

    Selling 2 TokenEnchant Enchants

    Hello, this is going to be my first thing I am selling here! I am going to be selling two TokenEnchant enchants. These are very good for prison servers as well as adding a cool feature to any server in general! The two enchants are called Moneysplode and Tokensplode. Descriptions: Moneysplode...
  9. F

    Buying discord tokens

    Looking to buy email verified discord tokens. 1st order 50 tokens, followed by another 50 to 100 in few days time if everything goes fine. Cheers !!
  10. Fair Unfair

    Prison Token Enchant GUI

    Prison GUI's -=-=+=-=- Currently Looking For Prison Token GUI Requirements: - A Discord To Communicate - Affordable Pricing - Finishing A Project In A Timely Fashion What We Are Looking For? - Token GUI: Ability to right-click your pickaxe while mining and opens a GUI where you can upgrade...
  11. ItsTheDuuuude

    Token GUI Configuration

    Hello, Looking for a Token GUI config made using Deluxe Menus and any other plugin besides Boss Shops that can be opened by right clicking your pickaxe as well as when the GUI opens you have an option to repair your pickaxe using tokens and you click on books to enchant your pickaxe using tokens...
  12. Sid

    Discord Account Token Retriever/gen?

    Not looking to make the type of bot where i enter in the token and it checks that, i'm looking for the kind of bot that either generates discord tokens, or a bot where i enter the email/pass of an account and it retrieves the token for me! LMK if you can do this at a reasonable price. Discord...
  13. EnchantBook

    I need a tokenshop plugin

    I've been trying alot of the free tokenshop kind of plugins and none of them have been good enough for me, what I want is a plugin similar to Ultimatetokens where you change everything in a gui. I really want it exactly like ultimatetokens but I need to be able to put rank vouchers in there...
  14. TheSteveRizzo

    Token Plugins | [MySQL] [Re-coded] (1.10 / Latest Support) v3.7b

    Token Plugins offers two main plugins: TOKEN ECONOMY TOKEN MENU Features: Lightweight economy system! MySQL! Extensive administration features. Menu reloads instantly! No need for reload commands! The two plugins tie in with each-other, allowing for simultaneous game play and shopping...
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