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  1. Queso

    TopG Premium 180 - Slots Available For Your Server

    I have slots open for TopG Premium 180 available for your server. I know many new server owners cannot afford this as it is currently a $234 up front cost for the premium banner, outline, and 300 bonus votes per month. I will add your server to my Premium plan for $15/mo at a 3 month minimum...
  2. Carbonx_09


    WELCOME Hello everyone! On March 11, 2018, I purchased premium for 360 days. HOW IT WORKS At the start of every month, your server will receive a bonus 400 votes. This boost usually places your server at the TOP of the list. In addition to receiving 400+ votes, your server will be...
  3. TristanD

    TOPG | Top Category for 16 days (ONLY $225!) | MUST GO

    Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I see you're interested in purchasing an advertisement for the TopG top category. I'll explain more below: First of all, price: I'm offering this for $225 USD. The price of this if purchased directly from TopG is $300 USD, that's $75 in savings! Now, you may be...
  4. Novalium

    I'm selling a minecraft-mp/topg like website + domain. (

    The package comes with the website and the domain ( If you want you can get a few days/weeks of free hosting on The website includes server tracking, database and customizable design. For a few bucks more I can set up the website on any hosting service you like...
  5. Shane1199 Slot Rental

    Looking to get some more players this January? The majority of the server lists are still fairly high for the prices. Here you can add a few more players with a few dollars. I do not offer hourly rates. All slots alternate places, so this will get to be at the top.
  6. Kush Patel

    TopG Advertising Spots!

    Hi, I am interested in buying a TopG advertising spot. I was wondering if anyone would like to buy a day (or more). PM me on here or skype me at: kushpatel0703. Thanks, KushP1
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