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  1. SneekyMCRO

    -⚡Chinese Hub 200x200⚡-

    Price: $10.00 Contact: PM on Discord or MCM Exclusive Build Size: 200x200 Terms of Service -Do not claim the build as your own work -Do not charge back the transcation -Do not share with others or selling again this build -No refunds will be given unless i decide otherwise More images ▼
  2. Croc

    Showing off my old drawings!

    Today I was going through some old files on my computer and came across some old drawings I did for a 2D design class several years ago. Every time I look at these it brings a tear to my eyes because it's really all I have to show for my former traditional art skills. I haven't really drawn like...
  3. Croc

    Hand-drawn logo for upcoming server listing site!

    So guys, I'm in need of a talented artist to draw a logo for an upcoming server list I am developing from scratch. Why yes, I am an artist! However, I lean more toward vector work rather than traditional. Tis why I'm requesting someone who specializes in hand-drawn logos. Budget: $30
  4. The Golden Apple

    Medieval Forest Windmill Koth - 128x128

    Hello everyone, A while ago I have made this 128x128 Koth and I've decieded to put it up for sale now. The Koth consists out of a windmill on a small mountain with a nice surrounding landscape. Trees are custom (Lentebriesje). This Koth will be sold exclusively for 15$. Pictures: If you are...
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