1. bob7l

    XCord | High Performance | Anti-bot v1.57

    Note: XCord requires a license to run properly. You can obtain a license from joining the official XCord channel and verifying your ownership (Insure non-friend DM's are enabled). Verification is automated, and quick! Description XCord is an advanced Bungeecord fork designed for high...
  2. HookWood_

    [20€] WaterCrash 1.7-1.15 | Next generation of BungeeCord

    >| WaterCrash Link |< >| What is WaterCrash? |< WaterCrash is a fork of WaterFall with 1.7.x support protocol. It has a lot of protection for your server against crash, check WaterCrash exploit fixer to see them. We also use new java libs to optimize...
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