tree spawn

  1. xGtf0Aly

    Serenity | Nature Spawn 200x200 v1.0

    Spawn/Lobby/Hub with crate area, NPC space, shop area, etc. ★ Size: 200x200 ★ Interiors: Yes ★ Versions: 1.12+ ★ File Format: .schematic BUILDINGS: ★ Tree Stump: Spawn space above Crate Space/Shop Below House from Root of Stump ★ Multiple Houses...
  2. Rhar

    Multifunction - Giant Tree

    Hello i'm selling this Giant Tree made by Artis Build (Builder: SrSVN) If the images not showing, please reload the page. (there is backup images beneath the imgur's one too) backup images: This was build as a Compact Spawn with meaningful lore. You can use it for anything else or as a...
  3. OmerF

    The Tree Spawn!

    Hi eveyone, such an idea came to my mind the other day. Then I liked, ı hope you will like it's. We can talk about the price via Skype. Skype address : furbindy Price : 5$
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