uhc meetup

  1. Agrocorp

    🌟Looking to open your server ? Then don't miss this deal💯

    Since I am focusing on some other projects of mine I decided to sell few plugins of mine. If you decide to buy any of plugins you can either buy them only to be used on your server and never sold to anybody else or if you want you can buy resell rights and sell plugin to other people. Currently...
  2. Zowp

    zMeetup - UHC Meetup v1.3

    zMeetup is an optimized 1:1 replica of Minemen Club's gamemode UHC Meetup. This plugin can only run one game per server. Join the discord to receive your license & for more updates https://discord.gg/jNXr9X48JW Fully configurable Custom World Generation Bedrock border for 1.7 players...
  3. H

    [OWNERSHIP] Selling ownership of alcachofa meetup - UHC mertup

    About meetup: Works with mongo, totally configurable, leadeboard with rating based on elo like badlion arenapvp, kill effects, modificable menus, scenarios with user api to add more and more things Price: 35€ (paypal) Contact me on discord if you want more info: ErHarpio#0372
  4. growlygg

    HCMatrix | Upcoming PVP Server | hcmatrix.team

    HCMatrix Network HCMatrix is an upcoming PVP Network which will consist of four different gamemodes. - Practice - KitMap - HCF - UHC To get access to Beta Stages of the network, and sneak peeks of the network, join our discord server! Links: Website: hcmatrix.team Discord...
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