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uhc staff

  1. ElJayy

    TheJupiterNetwork || UHC Staff Needed

    TheJupiterNetwork.... are looking for UHC staff! We are a UHC network with servers in Australia and The United States. APPLY HERE! MORE INFO ON PAGE
  2. SkyG

    ArcaniumUHC | Staff Recruitment

    Hello MC-Market users, Today I decided to post this thread because my UHC server is currently recruiting staffs we basically need UHC Mods and Hosts (Since we are a reddit uhc server we would like all the applicants who wants the host position to be Trial Hosts on reddit). Right now we have 7...
  3. SpitroUHC

    UHC Scoreboard / UHC Border Shrink

  4. Lampbork

    UHC Staff Needed!

    Hello, I am the owner of KairosCraft UHC, which is a Reddit UHC server. It still has a few things to touch up but I plan on hosting games within the week. I need mods and helpers to help me spectate UHC matches so if you are interested in becoming staff on my server you can apply here. I am...
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