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  1. QuiiBz

    Client-Side AC who detect Vape ?

    Hello, I'm currently developing my own Client, with integrated mods and a client-side anticheat. I was wondering if there is any client which is able to detect Vape and/or Vape Lite as this time ? Because, I just found a way to detect both Vape and Vape Lite, which works perfectly lmao
  2. mattwithabat

    Vapes+ |Enhance PvP| 1.8, 1.12.2

    DESCRIPTION This plugin is exactly what the title says it is. This is a customizable vape plugin that allows you to vape in Minecraft. Each vape has its own special effect with a little twist. More and more vapes will be releasing as this plugin updates. COMMANDS /vape help /vape give...
  3. T

    Good Ghost Client For Hypixel

    Hello, can someone suggest good ghost client. I already have vape v3 but i want something other than that!
  4. Sopa

    HCF Domain (Got 180-210 Players on SOTW) -

    I guesss not :p
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