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  1. HyperionDev

    Minecraft Plugin Development | Affordable prices

    Hey! I'm Efe and I am a 16 years old Java Developer from Turkey. I have +2,5 years of experience and I have experience working with big servers. (my past experience can be found in my portfolio) All of my prices are affordable. I accept payments through PayPal and Crypto. if you pay with...
  2. frafol1

    FutureProxy - A Powerful Velocity setup 1.4

    FutureProxy is a fast, reliable proxy that is protected against bot attacks and any exploits. I recommend this proxy for every person who wants to set up a server on a solid infrastructure. You can download it for free and use it on your own server! FEATURES (yellow = improvable) - (red = to be...
  3. ponktacology

    Java/Plugin Developer | Commissions or Long Term | Affordable Prices

    GitHub: Discord: ponktacology#2443
  4. D

    ScreenShareSystem 1.3

    Pay attention and read all the page! ScreenShareSystem Features: /ss <Player> /ss finish /ss join or /ss tp Customizables buttons for these cases: Refuse Cheating Admit Clean Customizable scoreboards Three roles: Staffer Player Debugger Private chat between the staffer and the player...
  5. qrowned

    Supreme Chatlog | BungeeCord & Velocity v1.4.1

    After purchase please open a ticket on our support discord to receive your license key!
  6. wizard-chan

    ✨ Wizard ✨ Open for Commissions ✨ 3+ Years of Spigot & Bungee Experience ✨

    DISCORD IS NOW wizard-chan#8732 DISCORD IS NOW wizard-chan#8732
  7. J

    I develop MC plugins for cheap.

    Heya, I've got like 7 years of plugin programming experience. My software is still in use on big servers. I can make any non-complicated small plugin for just $5 For any advanced plugins please contact me so we can discuss a price. If you're interested or have got any questions my Discord is...
  8. kyumar

    Offering plugin development

    Hi! I'm Kyumar. I have been developing plugins on commission for almost 6 years now, I have developed Spigot & Bungee plugins for many servers, Besides plugins I have been commissioned for example telegram bots of various kinds, always developed with the Java programming language. I work a lot...
  9. MatzHilven

    Cheap High Quality Plugin Development | Spigot - Paper - Bungee - Velocity

  10. NV6

    [$35] Cougar - Kotlin-Based Efficient Queue System for Spigot/Bukkit Networks.

    Cougar is an efficient & scalable multi-proxy queue system written in kotlin, requires a redis server, and uses gradle as its build management tool. Modules Cougar contains three different modules, an explanation of each module is listed below. Module What does it do? Dependencies common...
  11. iVirus

    TelegramLogin - Login system based on Telegram [NOW FREE]

    How to install: Put your jar into plugin folder in your spigot server. Start your server, now modify config.yml into TelegramLogin folder. Put your bot-token into "YourToken" (Recover it from @BotFather) and insert your botname into "@YourBotName". Restart your server. Permissions: -...
  12. Septogeddon

    FancyWaystones - Waystones and Waypoints 1.0.83

    FancyWaystones is a spigot plugin that allows your players to teleport fairly to another location. It uses economy (Vault/Level/Item) to teleport the player. The cost is calculated by distance. Teleport using economy Fairly enough to charge the player for the teleportation they had. Private...
  13. F

    Private Client

    Selling private client for cheap, i have no use for this as im quitting. This autoclicker is good for famous servers. Modules: Autoclicker 10-20 cps Reach 3.0-3.5 Velocity 50-100% 1.7-1.16 Versions: Lunar, PVPLounge, Badlion, Forge, Vanilla. Price is 10$ src 30$ Contact me: Durze#5474
  14. VANZY

    [HQ] ╰✨╮ BUNGEE SETUP ➔ Limbo ✧ AntiBot ✧ AntiVPN/Proxy ✧ Parties ✧ Discord Bot ✧ +20 Features

    [CLICK HERE] To read more or go to purchase. • ONLY $1.80 • (!) THIS SETUP NOT REQUIRE PREMIUM PLUGINS Professional BungeeCord setup with a variety of special features and mechanics for your server. You can change your skin and if you are an administrator you will have help tools such as...
  15. mineCodes

    mineLogin 1.3.0

    mineLogin is an advanced login plugin for premium and non-premium players with automatic authentication of premium accounts. All other features are listed below. Java 8+ Bungeecord or Velocity server. After purchase you can receive your license key by opening a ticket...
  16. NotClient

    Velocity Plugins Needed - Koru Network

    Hi MCM, Recently we decided to move our whole system to Velocity instead of Bungee, the problem with this is that we need some custom plugins to be done in this api since there are not public resources for it. Im looking for a developer that can get this job done, for more information dm me on...
  17. R

    Looking for Long Term Proxy Manager [Velocity]

    Heyo! I'm currently developing a network with Velocity, and I'm looking for a Proxy Manager. As the Proxy Manager, you'll be responsible for managing most of the network. Message me if interested: riley#9300 [email protected]
  18. AlbeMiglio


    CLICK THE THREAD ABOVE TO JOIN DISCORD! NYX-ULTIMATE ✅ Optimized management of players’ IPs and alts ✅ Full and unified management of both Premium and Cracked users ✅ Full management of premium domains and sub-domains ✅ User-friendly syntax for both players and administrators’ commands ✅...
  19. Dolphln

    ☄️ Dolphln Development V2 ☄️ Spigot and Bungeecord Plugins ☄️ 2 Years of Experience ☄️

  20. Mouatib

    [20$]Velocity and Reach and Hitbox Bypass Every Client

    Hello, Im offering a method to bypass every server and every PvP Client PvP Lounge Badlion Client OCMC Client Pactify Launcher etc... If you're interested DM me on Discord soki#0700 soki#0700 soki#0700
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