1. S

    Looking for a ban history plugin like VeltPvP's

    I'm looking for a ban history plugin that looks like veltpvp's/arcanesKappa I was going to use "SapphireHistory" But saw that the seller was banned for "scamming" and I'm still on the search for a good ban history plugin that is like veltpvp's one. If you don't know what Im talking about please...
  2. B

    Fully custom website (Forums & Leaderboards & Player stats) (Similar to VeltPvP & Lunar Network)

    The title explains it all, it's a fully custom forums system written in Python. It also features a player stats and leaderboards system which can be used easily with the correct plugins. It's made by me and was used on my server ( I can provide pictures and more info for serious...
  3. A

    StaffMode Plugin (VeltPvP/Arcane/MineHQ copy)

    I would like to buy a Staffmode Plugin like VeltPvP's or Arcane's or MineHQ's (10$/20$) Staffmode Items: Slot 1: Compass Slot 2: Inventory Inspection Book Slot 3: Wand (If player has worldedit.* permissions) Slot 4: Orange Carpet (If player does't have worldedit.* go to slot 3) Slot 8: Online...
  4. xHolyXD

    Prefix Plugin Like VeltPvP

    Hello, I've been lately been working on my server and thought to myself why not search for a Prefix Plugin like other servers and thats the reason of this Thread. I'm Looking for a VeltPvP Remake Prefix Plugin Discord in My Signature or here xHolyXD | OOF God#0001 My Budget: 10$ - Commands to...
  5. xHolyXD

    Delete Please

  6. Demend

    OblivionPvP - Custom Practice/Factions Server

    ༺▬▬ ❰ OblivionPvP ❱ ▬▬༻ Looking for Staff & Players Server Address » Coming soon - 2 Hour SOTW Timer - - 5-Man Factions - - 3k x 3k Border - - 24/7 PvP - - A chance to apply for staff - - Join now: -
  7. Vanillas

    [Free] Basic CheatbreakerAPI

    No. -> Will re-release when issue is fixed + more api features.
  8. FastHCF


    Here comes the fun part! The features! This server comes with tons of features that not only make it fun for the players but also make it unique and entertaining. TOS: Don't resell this server setup. You may not chargeback. Don't share this setup with other friends or other pleople. You can...
  9. LolDanny


    Hey MCM, I am selling an EXCLUSIVE HCF END WITH KOTH (which means never before used or sold). Please read all information before purchasing including TOS. Have a nice day! ★BIN: $30 (I am negotiable) F&F Payment, Buyer sends money first. ★Includes: Farming Trees, End Exit, End Entrance, Koth...
  10. Idoz


    Scoreboard Style,, price jar: 1,50$ price src: 2,50$ contact private msg
  11. LolDanny

    ► LolDanny's Freelance Management Service ◄

  12. LolDanny

    ☕ LolDanny's HCF End Building service ☕

    Hey MCM, My name is Danny and I am an experienced HCF End Builder. Are you an HCF server owner and you're looking for an end? Look no further! I have Exclusive and Non-Exclusive ends! I take custom orders for a good price! I get the job done FAST and with QUALITY. My portfolio is in my...
  13. LolDanny

    [Exclusive] HCF END

    Hey MCM, today I am offering this Exclusive End that I have made. TOS will be down below along with the Bin information. If you have any questions feel free to Pm me. If you would like a custom order feel free to Pm me. Contact information is in the signature as well as my portfolio. Thank you...
  14. LolDanny

    END CUSTOM FOREST THEME [Non Exclusive] [Sellfy Buy]

    Hello MCM, today I am bringing you a CUSTOM END [With Koth] I made a while which was used on velt but is no longer in use anymore at this moment. Starting price is $5.00 on sellfy. -
  15. LolDanny


    Hey MCM, Selling: 150x150 HCF SPAWN [EXCLUSIVE] Price: $60 TOS: F&F payment Can not claim as own Buyer goes first Can not re-sell Contact: Telegram; LolDanny Skype; bone7757 Pictures: Thank you!
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