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  1. Svirac

    Cheap votes [0.03€ per vote!!]

    -= VOTES SHOP =- I offering votes on all vote sites! Im selling 0.03€ per vote on all vote sites. Votes can be send in anything between 30 sec per vote or more. First buyer gets 25 votes FREE! Best offer: 500 Votes - 13€ PS: Service cleares browser history and cache after every vote. There is...
  2. Keystirras


    I'm needing help setting up Votesend so the Votes from Votifier will be sent to multiple servers. Please contact me via Skype if you are able to help. Note: Teamviewer is required for this job! Also when added on skype, Tell me how much you think this job is worth to you! Skype: Keystirras...
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