1. Hetti

    ⚡ Serverlist.games | Premium slots for $0.75 per day | Great for smaller servers! ⚡

    Serverlist.games is the best way to promote your server in 2023 Features ● Votifier support ● Featured slots for $0.75/day ● Impression insights for featured slots ● 40+ Server Tags! ● Filter Languages spoken! Some food for thought Adding your server to a smaller website like...
  2. Michael Keeling

    Vote Rewards.

    Hi All. For my server with my friend, we have added a vote plugin, but we aren't really sure what rewards to give for players when they vote for our server. Any suggestions are welcome. Kind Regards, Mike.
  3. Unavailable

    Votifier and VotingPlugin Setup

    In need of help of setting up voting and voting rewards with Votifier and VotingPlugin for a public Minecraft server. The idea: Each website gives $750 reward in-game. If they vote on 4 websites daily, they get a vote crate key. If they vote 35 times weekly, they get a rare crate key. I've...
  4. Synoptic

    Votifier Setup

    So I am looking for someone to help me set up votifier. I am running my server on my computer. I have already port forwarded the port 8192 (and tested it to see if it was open), and even searched up YouTube videos on how to setup the plugin and all, but still am stumped. PM me if you think you...
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