1. GESP Studios

    ★ GESP Studios - Full Stack Development ★ Industry professionals, quality is priority (TDD) ★

  2. LoopTurn

    Consult for Google Identity Services JavaScript SDK

    I just need to consult someone who knows how to use Google Identity Services JavaScript SDK ( This would just be a range of questions from how to use it, security concerns, and easiest way to use it in my case of using Amplify. I am obviously...
  3. puttydotexe

    Looking for frontend dev (react/nextjs/vue)

    As title states, looking for a Frontend Web Developer/Designer. Must be able to use react, nextjs and vue and have previous experience with a portfolio of previous work. putty#2396
  4. C

    [NodeJS/PHP/Vue.js/React.js/Angular] Developement

    Hello! I've been programming for about 3 years now, I've been involved in quite a few projects. Strengths: Vue.js Node.js PHP Bootstrap And I also work on the following: React.js Angular Scss For reference and prices please contact me! Csabi#6914
  5. Exzib

    Exzib Web Development [Portals/Custom Themes/Gambling/E-Commerce/CMS/Front & Backend Stuff/Anything]

    Hello everyone, I have decided to re-open my web development services and expand to mc-market, I have worked with hundreds of clients across various marketplaces, below you will see my thread design introduction, followed by some information regarding my services. Update: I can now provide...
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