1. UniverseDevs

    Professional Warp Menu v1.0

    Elevate Your Minecraft Experience with Deluxe Menus' Warp Menu! 🚀🌎 Navigate your world effortlessly with our Deluxe Menus Warp Menu! 🗺️🎮 This resource seamlessly integrates essential warps into a stylish and user-friendly menu, enhancing your gameplay experience. Featured Warps: 🌟 Spawn...
  2. minezzostudio

    Minezzo Fast Travel v1.0

  3. Ultimate Setups

    Warps Menu | Deluxe Menus Config v1.0

    Warps Menu with great looking GUI teleports players to the selected server warps! Need more information about config, you found a bug or have any questions? Feel free to contact me. (For the fastest answer, contact me on discord) DISCORD: ultimatesetups BUILTBYBIT: Private Message ━━━━━━...
  4. CoCo35c

    SimpleWarps v1.0.6

    The SimpleWarps plugin is a Minecraft plugin that enables players with the appropriate permissions to create public warps. Players with the warp permission can use the command /warp (warp name) to teleport to these locations. Admins have the additional ability to use /warp (warp name) --force to...
  5. WortyHax

    Warp GUI | Deluxe Menus Config v1.0

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Easy Setup Customizable Advanced Display System Lightweight Good Support Team Custom Heads Permissions Coordinates Worlds Teleportation Delays 💵 Price: Free 📋 Type: DeluxeMenus GUI Configuration ❌ Dependencies: EssentialsX, DeluxeMenus, PlaceholderAPI, LuckPerms & Vault ✨...
  6. ItzMehMaikel

    Deluxe Menu Prison Warp GUI 3 Themes, 26 Global Mines, 6 Donator Mines vV1.0

    ✨ Deluxe Menu Prison Warp GUI ✨ Features: 3 Different themes 4 Global warps 26 Normal Mine Warps 6 Donator Mine Warps Themes: Blue Pink Yellow Required Plugins: Essentials (for the warps) Permission plugin (e.g. luckperms) DeluxeMenus INSTALLATION (You can also read the READ ME.txt...
  7. Sylvain

    AdvancedWarp v0.4

    advancedwarp.create advancedwarp.delete advancedwarp.blacklist /warp [name] ; no permission ; Allows to teleport to warp /warps OR /warp list; no permission; Allows to see warp list and teleport you if you click /warp create [name]; advancedwarp.create ; Allows to create a warp /warp...
  8. Anndrew

    Essentials Warp GUI v1.0.2

    Essentials Warp GUI This plugin gets all Essentials warps and displays them in a configurable GUI. Simple and Lightweight Hooks into Essentials 99% Customizable Easy to Setup Change warp icons in-game /warp - Opens the Warp GUI /warpgui seticon <warp> <material> [data] - Updates the Warp's...
  9. RealChefren


    This is a complete kitpvp server ready to use! The features of the plugin are listed below. I've not worked on this resource that much, this took me about 2-3 hours to do so hope you enjoy! If there's any bugs or something you want me to add feel free to message me on discord or here (Contact...
  10. FoxGamer201

    KitGui & WarpGui ChestCommands Config! [Free] v1.3

    ✯ KitGui & WarpGui ✯ KitGui & WarpGui is an awesome config's for the plugin chest commands. You can change and add anything! If you have any questions or need help please contact me! ✯ KitGui Commands! ✯ /kit /kits ✯ WarpGui Commands! ✯ /Warp /Warps. ✯ Permissions ✯ ✯...
  11. MASk0

    KitGUI & WarpGUI v1.0

    KITGUI & WARPGUI This is a clean KitGUI and Warp GUI configuration, This is not a plugin and you will have to edit the items yourself, If i have time, I'll help you how to set it up Screenshots: It comes with Cooldowns in each kits lore when they are on cooldown. ORANGE = COOLDOWN GREEN =...
  12. Neek


    Intro A custom ChestCommands Warp GUI great for all gamemodes, regular updates. This is my first resource and I plan on doing a lot more. If you are planning on buying, please leave a rating and some suggestions as I want to make the resource as best as possible. Features Easy to be edited...
  13. zPoseta

    PrisonOP Server SOLD!!

    Hello everyone !, this is my first server that I put on sale, so I have put a lot of time and dedication to this server Prison, I hope you like all of you. NOTE: The server is in the Spanish language, sorry for my English. Content 26 mines (from the Prisoner to the convict + the wood mine)...
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