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  1. F

    [WEBSITE] Red-Grey Theme for Minecraft servers

    A site where people can send emails and see the status of the server. If you are interested just contact me on.. DISCORD: fancsoh If you need a custom website, we can talk about it.
  2. Nesix Studio

    Portfolio Website | Full Customizable v5

    This web portfolio was developed in html, css and javascript, to facilitate the understanding of all buyers, as well as to make it easy to customize. The best thing about this portfolio is that it is responsive, that is to say that it will adapt without any problem to smartphones, computers and...
  3. Grabit

    Websites made easy!

    🌟 Elevate Your Online Presence with a Stunning WordPress Website! 🌟 Are you looking to establish a powerful online presence that not only showcases your brand beautifully but also drives results? Look no further! I'm here to offer you my expertise in crafting the perfect WordPress website...
  4. itsjack

    [REQUESTING] Need a Shopify website made or some bug fixes done

    Hi BBB, I am in need of a web developer for my brand. I use Shopify and need a web developer who obviously knows about coding on shopify. If you think you can fix a few bugs I've got or can make me a brand new website within two weeks, contact me ASAP. This is, of course, a paid position...
  5. ThisSkid

    Making Free Websites.

    I will build you a free website as long as its not to complex (1-2 page website) will not be adding plugins for the website you can add them after i build the website and send you the template. I'm doing this so I can get some practice and use the templates that I build for people as examples...
  6. ShayPunter

    SHAY PUNTER WEB SERVICES | All In One Web Design/Dev Solution | Lifetime Support | Professional & Reliable

  7. Aberdeener

    NamelessMC | A free, easy to use & powerful website software for your Minecraft server

    NamelessMC is a free, easy to use & powerful website software for your Minecraft server, which includes a large range of features. The official project website, providing support and additional downloads such as modules and templates, can be found at Download NamelessMC from our...
  8. realalecmartin

    Website Developer (Minecraft Listing Website)

    Hello! My name is Alec, and I am looking for a developer to create a brand-new website for me. This will be a Minecraft Server Listing website, with a few other qualities. I am ready to get this project on the road, and would love to chat with someone as soon as possible! If you could...
  9. mrpt

    Web Development Services

    Hey there, I'm Josiah! I am a full-stack web developer who has experience in making websites, both front-end and back-end. Contact me on Discord if you are interested Josiah#0016 I do have a portfolio and past works, which I'll gladly show on there. Or just message me on mc-market!
  10. mrpt

    Web Development Services [FAST + High Qualiy]

    Hey there! I'm a full-stack engineer currently based in Canada. Feel free to add me on Discord Josiah#0016 If you are wondering about my portfolio, past works, github and resume I'll gladly send them over on Discord.
  11. SolDev

    Html/CSS/PHP Website Development + Designing frontend-backend

    I’m new but I made a website like this one Contact me by discord Username: SolDeveloper#7124
  12. Alnz

    Brandable domain name

    hello, im trying to sell this brandable domain name: registrar: porkbun possibilities: honestly it got so many possibilities, for example it can be a website builder (something like wix, or a host, or a web agency.....) [BIN]: $50, [SB]: $10, [BI]: $3 If you're interested dm me...
  13. Kraqy

    ☁️ Server Development / Server Setup ☁️

    Hey, do you need a full Minecraft server setup or a plugin made for cheap? Well, you came to the right place! I'm Kraqy. I have a lot of coding experience, and I am looking to expand my creativity and knowledge to a platform with many users. I have been working with Java, Python, and C++ for 5...
  14. E

    NamelessMC dev

    Hello, i am looking for NamelessMC dev, who can modify my website/themes and more, making working buttons and more, pm me on here or add me in discord: ImHanzo#3990
  15. Mr.Khan

    Professional and Responsive Website.

    Hello, I'm Mohammed Khan, I am a Website designer / Dev. I have developed many websites in the past for myself and now I would like to work for people and earn for the work I do on daily basis. I can make blog websites and Professional Websites. Please dm me on discord to discuss further about...
  16. Ayataligillani

    Minecraft server list voting site developer

    I am looking to launch a new server list voting site :) and in need of a developer. The domain name is I would like a website built which allows individuals to register/ login, advertise there server, meaning they can add there server with a banner and other features and to the...
  17. Noah Weerwag

    Wordpress Clean And Responsive website for €50

    Hello, I’m Noah I make Clean and Responsive Wordpress website for a low price I already made 20+ Wordpress websites here is a example If you are interested add me on discord Flxzy#0526
  18. Rasho

    Config Central MC Website and Server Developers!

    We are Config Central! We are a Team of 2 Currently who are looking to Help you and your Team Start up a Server! We are Developers who know all aspects of a Server and how to build a Proper Server, we can help you build your Dream Minecraft Server. What we do? We are a Team of Developers who...
  19. Jabber

    Enjin website setup

    Hello, I need some help organizing/adding anything that my minecraft server needs. I am currently using Enjin as my website host so if you know how to use that let me know! My Discord is Jabber#1882 Thanks!
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