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windows 7

  1. Rybonucleid

    I'm little bit confused pls help lol

    Heyo! So I have preety bad laptop and I heard about geforce now. I thought that it would be good idea to give it a try, so I did. I got it week after that. I didn't realise it couldn't run on 32bit windows. Properties of computer says that it is 64 bit capable, but its x86. So I want to hear...
  2. Catz

    Installing Windows 10 problem... Help please?

    So since yesterday I've been trying to install Windows 10, trust me I've tried everything... This is pretty much my last resort but the problem I'm coming across is when I go through the download process with the Media creation tool since, the normal way is f'ing up aswell it comes up with this...
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