world management

  1. MichaelsNetwork03

    LightWeightWorlds v1.1

    LightWeightWorlds is a versatile and user-friendly plugin designed to empower players with convenient world management capabilities directly in-game. With LightWeightWorlds, players can effortlessly create new worlds, import existing ones, and even delete worlds seamlessly without the need for...
  2. TerrorByte

    DimensionPause v1.1.0

    Dimension Pause 🌎⌚ What is Dimension Pause? Dimension Pause is a super simple, lightweight plugin that allows you to temporarily block players from creating dimension portals or entering dimensions. It works by detecting players attempting to create portals, or detecting when a player...
  3. enif

    EnfAbyss | Void for Items | Reduce Lag v1.8

    EnfAbyss Clear dropped items from your world and have ability to get them back! (HEX RGB support) It's worth mentioning that this plugin also reduces the lag, since the world's entities (dropped items) are periodically cleared :) It's a great way to reduce the lag and keep the cleared items...
  4. einTosti

    BuildSystem v2.24.4

    BuildSystem is a simple but powerful - as the name already says - system for builders, with lots of great features for everyday usage. Manage worlds in the worlds navigator, change their permission, projects and status with ease. And not to forget: let each player decide which settings whey...
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