world of warcraft

  1. W

    Recruiting staff members for a high budget server.

    Don’t make a whole essay, just give us honest information about yourself, that we need. General information We are a team of serious people, that are in the making of a new server We have a large budget General information about the server 5 Different classes (Tank, healer, dps, dps, dps)...
  2. MarshalSadness

    [EXCLUSIVE] Orc Builds Pack from World of Warcraft (+ Gift: 3D Armor&Weapon Models) | $8

    Introduction: Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Before going directly to the building itself, I would like to write a short preface, and apologize for possible logical errors in the text, because, unfortunately, I do not know English and I have to use Google as a translator. Preface (you can...
  3. Moller99

    World of Warcraft inspired Minecraft server | Recruiting EVERYTHING!

    Hello there fellow minemen! So as you probaly already have guessed by the title of this thread, I am looking for an excellent team to help me bring the dream of a World of Warcraft inspired server into the creative world of Minecraft. How, you may ask? Well, I cannot get into all the juicy...
  4. _Trude

    High Quality Cheap Builds.

    Hello MCM, Today I am presenting you some high quality builds that are for sale for cheap prices. Price: $10 Link: Price: $5 Link: Price: $5 Link: Price: $2 Link: