worldpainter help

  1. Neaza

    WorldPainter/MCEdit Experience Needed.

    I am looking for someone/multiple team to help me create a 1.8-1.19 Maps, That knows how to do simple edits in World Painter that can make me some decent worlds with unique generations but also plan/custom Super Flats. Will also need/need someone new with experience in MCEdit so that we can...
  2. Tonkah


  3. R_Flintstone

    Worldpainter for world

    Hi all, I'm currently in the process of planning a beatifull world to walk around in that can be used for multiple things. I sadly don't have any money so I won't be able to pay (monetarily). I do have a video of someone who makes 'raw' terrain with worldpainter exactly as I need it to be done...
  4. The Golden Apple

    The Golden Apple Services | Top-Quality Building & Terraforming Since 2016 | Solo-Artist | Fast

    -Not giving away vouch copies, have been doing commissions for more than two years- Feel free to contact me for a quote Discord: The Golden Apple Services#5893 Check out my full portfolio Check out my Premade Build shop Check out my full portfolio Check out my...
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