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xenforo designer

  1. SamsungRemotePC

    Looking for a unique Xenforo Designer

    Hi folks! I'm searching for a Xenforo designer/developer, and it would be a plus if you could incorporate a bespoke Tebex theme! I'm looking for someone with experience, a strong portfolio, and, most importantly, personality. I don't want a generic template; I want something completely...
  2. PongGone

    Looking For Experienced Xenforo/Tebex Website Designer

    Hello, I am looking for someone to change my current Minecraft Server website (Enjin Based) and make it look professional > Example: (Credit: DubDesigns) Looking for someone with skills around these platforms: Xenforo NamelessMC BuyCraft (tebex) Looking for serious...
  3. Johnn

    XenForo 2 - Stellar Responsive Template 1.3

    ANNOUNCE! IF YOU WANT TO BUY THIS RESOURCE Contact us on Discord: Johnn#8299 or email us at [email protected] Screenshots [/SPOILER]
  4. Umejii


    Last update: 08/07/2020 Requirements - A copy of XenForo is required for this theme to work. - Imagery can be edited through the Templates section. - To edit elements on the website, a basic understanding of XenForo and HTML/CSS is recommended. Main Features - Custom Navigation Bar - Click...
  5. Ender57

    Custom XenForo theme Design and Development

    Please tag a staff member to close this thread thx! Previous Work: Hytale style FOR SALE! preview: AnarchyPvP preview: Information DM me on Discord to discuss requests, Prices are based on the request and your budget. Discord: xxxx...
  6. Jesse Pinkman


    Ultimate XenForo 2 Theme - Pie - This resource does not include XenForo license / key, this resource is solely a theme modification, you are expected to already have XenForo website (v2.1.1+). Theme is still in Alpha version and will be heavily updated as time goes. Logo / Any art from the...
  7. K


    I am currently looking for a illustrator/graphics designer for an upcoming network. This isn't a staff position, but you will be placed on the media team. We can discuss payment if you are interested, but you must meet these requirements: Able to create high quality logos / graphics of any...
  8. P

    HTML/PHP/CSS/XENFORO Website Design and Development

    Hey there everyone, My name is PineappleCactus and I am a Website Developer. I am of intermediate skill and can create a website that fits all of your needs for a very low price. Pricing and Features: HTML/Wordpress/PHP/CSS: Basic Website: - One Page - Customized Web Tab - 3 Sections (1 Photo...
  9. Polluting

    (Paying) Xenforo Custom Theme and Setup with Ranks (Paying)

    Hi there I am currently searching for a person who can help me out I am the Manager of McParadise and we are looking for a professional forums website we need someone to make us a custom theme the way we want it to look, we would need you to setup all the Ranks, Permissions etc. We are looking...
  10. ColeDidy

    Website Config & Customization | Xenforo | Wordpress | MyBB | Bootstrap | Portals

    EDIT: Prices have changed. Xenforo & MyBB - Install & Configuration - $5 Forum Nodes Setup - $5 Ranks & Perms Setup - $10 Theme Install & Customization - $5 Addon Setup - $5 Forum Threads (Rules, Formats, etc.) - $5 Bootstrap & Wordpress - Install & Configuration $2 Theme Install &...
  11. A


    Hello From Axogaming! Hello I am the owner of a upcoming minecraft server and i want to use xenforo as a forum software for my server i am kind of a noob when it comes to xenforo so ill need someone to guide me through what they will be doing to my website i need logos and minecrft drawing...
  12. LavaBucket

    Xenforo designer

    NEW THREAD: Sorry for the inconvenience
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