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youtube 500subs kits permissions server network

  1. Nex Vali

    Flash Factions | Recruiting YouTubers!

    Who am I? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings everyone, my name is Nex, and I am the official founder of Flash Factions...
  2. BrandonsRich

    Looking for YouTubers to RECORD [FROZENPLANETS]

    FrozenPlanets - We're looking for professional YouTubers to come and record on our server, You may ask what type of server am I going to record on? We're currently in the process of making a Skyblock Server, You wont be paid unless you are over 2k Subscribers and a adverage of 200-300 view PER...
  3. R

    SUb pls :D
  4. Brocardo

    150k + Subscribers (ADVERTISING) GET Players Today!

    CANT SEE THE IMAGE? CLICK HERE Channel Link: "Please refrain from listening to flamers, all stats are public from socialblade and you can get more details in the media kit attached to this post. Our videos have an...
  5. EagleNetwork

    EagleNetwork (Needs Youtubers)

    Willing to pay 10 cents :) for youtubers with under 100 subscribers Hi, we're looking for youtubers on our server with at least 100+ subscribers you'll receive YouTube rank on the server you record on and Media Rank on the forums the ip is If you're interested add the skype...
  6. Mikailswsay

    Looking to pay smaller youtubers to advertise server

    Hey, i'm looking for a YouTube channels that get about 500+ views per video on average. Now what i am willing to pay is $5 per 500 views and i always round the number. Also there will be a 3 day wait period once 3 days is over i will check views total. Contact me on Skype "mcgalaxypro" or Email...
  7. IproDan

    YouTubers - FalonNetwork 500 subscribers +

    Hey guys, we are requesting Youtubers with 500 subscribers +. If you successfully create a youtube video on our network, you will be rewarded with global youtuber rank youtuber kit and extra permissions.
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