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Custom Plot Road | City Builder Plots 5.3

Make your creative server stick out from the rest with this custom road schematic
The installation guide was a bit confusing but when I joined the support server I got a very speedy and professional response. Highly recommend this product.
good good good good good good
When I purchased this road map, it didn't work correctly, so I contacted the developer and got immediate help! This issue was fixed, so here I am writing the review lol. Honestly, this is solid work for PlotSquared. This guys work is solid. I'd highly recommend it!
I was having issues with this, contacted the author, he got back to me fast and helped me solve all my issues, and when I put it in my server and saw it in my person. I was stunned away! This is so amazing and perfect for any server <3, I recommend this and all of Nevit's work.
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