1. 1pick

    Discord Advertisements for SMP Server

    Hello, I am looking for people who are interested in advertising for a Minecraft SMP, it has a couple plugins, but still has a lot to look forward to for anyone interested in playing survival on the latest versions. The Discord is discord.gg/boredsmp for anyone interested in coming to take a...
  2. cronu

    Showcase Plugin || Color Support, Formatting Support, Lore Support, Enchant Support || FREE v1.0

    Commands /showcase (while holding an item) Permissions Showcase command: showcase.use Feel free to report any problems you may have, if you would like to see any additions to this plugin then feel free also.
  3. cronu

    Rename Plugin || Color Support, Formatting Support, Lore Support || FREE v1.01

    Commands /rename [text] /lore [text] Permissions Lore command: lore.use Rename command: rename.use Feel free to report any problems you may have, if you would like to see any additions to this plugin then feel free also.
  4. mete_7788

    BroLand-mc Server looking for BUİLDER java

    our server BroLand-mc is new to java we would like to hire a builder to help our community out. BroLand is a kitPVP server with all other future games. if you are intrested in helping our community please contact me on my discord mete7788#3683
  5. TeamDashCrafted

    [URGENT] Requesting an overhaul to the dimensions via Generation Plugins!

    Hello! This will be a paid commission, but you must list your quote, and send your discord below this thread. Some background: I am running a private 1.16.1 SMP Event for a few semi-popular youtubers. In this event we are running with a custom resource pack in order to provide a modded...
  6. JoshC28

    (!) Seeking New & Established Youtubers, Streamers, and Faction Leaders [PAID] (!)

    Hello, My name is Josh and I run a small Faction server called JourneyLands. I'm currently looking to get in contact with Youtubers, Streamers, and Faction Leaders. Our faction server I think has potential and could be a fun place, for people to play on. To any Streamers or Youtubers looking to...
  7. Lolmac202

    New server Looking for Staff e.g (Developers, Builders)

    Hello and welcome to the Calamitous creeper, we are a growing factions economy server, and are in desperate need of builders who can build medievel style buildings, and developers who can manage and create plugins. We are currently working on our HUB server at the moment, and have just finished...
  8. K

    Naruto Jutsu Plugin

    I need someone who has at least watched naruto before to really understand what type of plugin I want, unless you think you understand without knowing. I do not know how much something like this would cost but add me on discord to discuss pricing KSBx#2458 Version: 1.16.1 + Also if possible...
  9. Dragulous

    Australian Staff Needed | FenixMC

    Hello! So i have been working on this factions server for quite some time now, it has finally released [AU] with quality plugins, builds and features. IP: fenixmc.net DM me : Drag#0010 Join our discord: https://discord.gg/nUUgVrf [100+ people]. There are plans for an american release -...
  10. TR80R2

    Soulbound plugin

    Soulbound plugin: I want a book that says Soulbound. what I'm looking for a plugin that locks an item to a player so if an admin puts this enhancement on a helmet the player that wears it or gets it put in their inventory gets Soulbouned. They cant trade it and it can be added to already...
  11. TR80R2

    looking for Youtubers

    Hello MCM, My name is Maggie, I would humbly like to present to you a proposal that could benefit both you and Nightraider. but first, I will explain what Nightraider IS. Nightraider is a non-pay-to-win Minecraft network. Our community is quickly growing and we supply friendly, staff, members...
  12. FreedomCraft

    [FREEDOMCRAFT SURVIVAL] ISO Builders For Unique Project, Little Exp. Required ⚪

    Welcome to FreedomCraft, FreedomCrafter! FreedomCraft Survival Discord: https://discord.gg/KrBzFFR IP: freedom.gamename.net Ver: 1.16.1 Who We Are: FreedomCraft Survival is a growing community of mature Minecraft players. Our server is themed around America's quest for freedom, however, we...
  13. Goald

    GoldenMC - Just Released - Towny MMO (1.16)

    Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/WmWxFpZ Watch the Trailer:
  14. Dragulous

    Need a Factions Core created for 1.16+ ($)

    I am looking for an experienced java developer to make us a Factions Core OR update another core to 1.16+, please contact me if you can do either of these things. Bubbles#0010 What's needed? Things like : /freeze /staffCommands (warn,mute,kick,ban) /voucher /envoy /genbucket /exp withdraw...
  15. T

    New Op Towny Server - 1.16.1

    My Happy Place is an OP Towny server with PvP and WAR enabled Server Highlights - v1.16.1 - OP Enchanted Books. Some up to level 10. 190+ New Enchants! - Craft & Wear Armored Elytra's - Auction House - BattlePass - Crates - Essentials - Towny - Jobs -...
  16. Raidor

    Guilds [1.13 - 1.16.5] v1.2.1

    1.16.3 SUPPORT IS HERE! GUILDS: Allow your players to create their own Guilds and... - Invite new guild members - Expand their territory by claiming land - Set specific guild settings - Set specific player guild settings - Make allies with friendly guilds - Declare enemies on...
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