1. ReactDev

    Unreleased Highly Developed Skyblock Minecraft server!

    Hello! I am selling my Minecraft Server called AeroMC! I just have not had time to work on it, but it is already highly developed! Comes with schematics, around 80 (ish) plugins and server logos aswell as branding! The server is 1.8, and more or less plug in play. I am 100% onboard if you need...
  2. Michael Keeling

    Souls Network- Looking for staff!

    Hi All. Souls Network is a brand-new Survival server, and we are looking for staff to join our friendly team :) Roles: Builders-Your role is simple, Your role is to be able to build/ update spawn hubs when they need to, you will gain access to the "Builder" rank which has /fly, /gmc and...
  3. Michael Keeling

    Souls Network [SMP]

    Souls Network is a brand-new survival server with some plugins. We're looking for players to join our little community, We're a friendly bunch. Our Survival server has some plugins such as Farm Protect, World Guard and Grief Prevention. We would love for you to join the server and our Guilded...
  4. Michael Keeling

    Souls Network [SMP] {World Guard} {Farm Protect}

    Hey All. Souls Network is a brand new Survival SMP server with some plugins. We're a friendly bunch and looking for more players to join our server. We have ranks and permissions for each one. We will be adding more servers soon when we gain more players such as, Prison, KITPVP, and Factions...
  5. Michael Keeling

    Souls Network- Looking for Builders and Devs

    Hey all. Souls Network is a brand-new Survival Bungee cord server. We are looking for builders and Devs to join our staff team :). Roles: Builders- Your role is simple, Your role is to be able to build/ update spawn hubs when they need to, you will gain access to the "Builder" rank which has...
  6. Michael Keeling

    Souls Network Looking for Staff!

    Hey all. Souls Network is a brand-new Survival Bungeecord server. We are looking for builders and Devs to join our staff team :). Roles: Builders- Your role is simple, Your role is to be able to build/ update spawn hubs when they need to, you will gain access to the "Builder" rank which has...
  7. cguillou

    GloriousPvPBox [1.8 - 1.12] v1.0.2

    GloriousPvPBox is made for all people wants a server that offers an complete gameplay. The plugin is easy to use, customizable. ➡ TopKiller system (Wanted, announce etc..) ➡ Efficient Scoreboard with packets fully customizable ➡ Tablist and Nametags fully managed by the plugin ➡ Beautiful...
  8. Luisitohh_

    Epic Lobby-Setup v1.3

    Features Ranks [Vip's and Staff's] Permissions Tokens System Reputation System [custom system] Cosmetics Settings Game Selector Multi versions ViaVersion addons [for multi server with different pvp] Colors Player Options custom menus optimized Custom NPC Rewards Holograms Custom announcement's...
  9. Robert30

    City Roleplay | Jobs | Apartaments | Cars | Guns | and more vBeta 1.4

    This server is based on the real life stuff where you work and make money to buy stuff like technology, houses, cars and a lot more. This server is in Beta so there will be a lot of bugs and there is to be added a lot of new features. Test Server - Soon Map Download - You have to download this...
  10. CombatBorn

    Febuary 5th-7th 3D models (16 Weapons and 6 Chests)

    CombatBorn's Chest & Sword 3D models These models may be for purchase in the future, but for now I intend to use them for my own project. If my project isn't released to the public, they will be for sale.
  11. Noon

    THE VILLAGE | OP PRISON | 1.7-1.13

    play.thevillagemc.com OP Prison 1.7 - 1.13 Bosses Crates Balanced economy Pot PVP Arena PVP me and most of the staff are girls so if you're a girl you can rest assured knowing this server isn't a sausage fest lmaoo discord in sig
  12. _Durpy

    | Duels Map | Lake v1.0

    Big flat area with lake, perfect for a 1v1 arena :)
  13. Console_Server

    Magma Kingdoms Looking For Staff

    We are a brand new Faction server with around 100 people waiting to play, were coming out in 1 week. But we need staff like you. So come join the discord and apply for staff ranks like: Helper,Moderator Just join here: https://discord.gg/YcFtn5A
  14. Masstrix

    Eternal Light (1.8 and above) v1.2

    Eternal Light Adds the ability to show the light-levels of blocks around you. Just like from the mod Not Enough Items this plugin allows players with permission to see what the nearby light levels are around them. Tested Versions: 1.12+, 1.11 Modes & Commands Eternal Light is built to be...
  15. S

    Lifetime potions

    This is a plugin i have coded myself fully (Don't now what this plugin does heres a video- )and will provide src if you would like that aswell as purchasing the plugin, i will not charge lots for this as it was one of my smaller projects. I will sell the plugin between £1 - £2.50 and src for...
  16. ConnorPlaysYT

    Premade Factions Server (MassacreCraft)

    This is a Minecraft Factions Server which has been made by me with lots of custom and unique plugins. It is fully made so no need to create or edit things unless you would like to. There are custom biomes, custom worlds and custom enchants. The ranks and kits have all been configured you will...
  17. B

    [15 USD] Uber OP Factions perfectly setted up | ■ Custom menus ■ | | ■ orignal 1.9+ ■ |

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Introduction My name is Caitylin and i'm from Belgium I'm new on this site and fairly new to selling servers. I love riding motorcycles etc... but lets go on with the real deal the server ! A year...
  18. LowCoyote

    -50% !⚡Lobby ⚡High quality ⚡ Exclusive ⚡ hub

    Hey, this lobby, built with a medieval style, includes a jump at the beginning, a breach on the side and a castel behind him. This map may host 50 players at the same time. Size : 150x150 Pirce : 15$ with -50% (its finish the 20.09.17) Screen : For more details or question add me on...
  19. gdude2002

    ProtocolSupport v4.28

    By (apparently) popular demand, this is an official mirror of ProtocolSupport (proof here). I will be mirroring the builds from Spigot here as they happen. Older builds from the Spigot page will not be posted directly on here - for those, you can head to our site. Builds going back as far as...
  20. xNameless

    Bungee Network-Wide Crate Keys Addon for CratesPlus

    Introduction Hello. I am selling my recently developed KeyBank plugin addon for CratesPlus. This plugin allows configurable transferring of Crate Keys between servers with depositing, and withdrawing of keys per server - this allows players to Deposit keys on server A, connect to server B and...
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