1. PGN

    ✅ 8K+ Members | Gaming Discord Server | Active ✅

    Upto half of the server comes online everyday! https://ibb.co/wBQRHKw It's originally a ROBLOX Discord server/Gaming server. I will be ONLY accepting BITCOIN thanks to country restrictions. If you're doing PayPal, Payoneer etc we can get a exchanger but you must cover up the fee. If...
  2. PGN


    Hello, if you're interested in the title and want more information contact me on discord PGN#8503 (UPON JOINING THE SERVER YOU PROMISE NOT TO TALK ABOUT THE SALE) BITCOIN PAYMENT (PayPal can't do)
  3. vPixelZ

    $300 BUDGET: Youtubers ranging from 500-5000 subscribers

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking for some YouTubers to play and record on my Factions server. I currently have a budget of about $250-$300 for this so feel free to hit me up so we can negotiate something. The server has overall a unique experience with around 13-20 players on. Contact me by...