1. TooLongIdling

    ScriptableAdminService v1.0

    🛡️ ScriptableAdminService This resource is intended for use in cafe games, but may be used in any setting. This resource will allow scripters with prior knowledge to create their own commands. The resource comes with a handful of useful commands for cafe groups. ⚡ Features ⚙️ Easy Setup Easily...
  2. S

    PvP server hiring staff members

    Minecraft pvp server seeking for active and dedicated staff team members. Are you ready to dive into the ultimate Minecraft experience with Solar Network? We're building something truly special, and we want YOU to be a part of it! However, to realize our vision, we understand the importance of...
  3. N1ghtc1

    Admin Requests v1.3

    Admin Requests this skript will allow players to submit requests of their needs, however it will only save their current location once they made the request as if they need a building or to fix a bug at their location, the location they were at will be saved this is made for offline requests, in...
  4. Vifez

    vStaffChat | Simple staff chat v1.0

    vStaff Chat | 1.8+ Staff chat Welcome to vStaff chat, An extremely simple staff chat plugin that provides all your needs for a staff chat, This is a very light weight plugin and wont take up much space on your server and will not decrease any performance at all since how small and optimized it...
  5. WortyHax

    » HexedMC | Looking for Staff Members

    🧪 Welcome to HexedMC 🧪 A premier Minecraft network that offers a diverse range of gamemodes, including the challenging Prison and the thrilling adventures of Skyblock. At HexedMC, we prioritize creating a safe and engaging environment for our players. Whether you're an experienced player or...
  6. M

    Looking for an admin - (paid position)

    Looking an admin for my MC Server About the position: Paid position (Pay determined on exp & weekly hour commitment) Responsibilities include: Manage staff, support player base by answering tickets/troubleshooting problems, and working with server owners to make improvements Qualifications...
  7. Garry.

    Admin System with Discord Webhook v1.0

    Discord server: Showcase Video: Setup Video: Dashboard Page: The dashboard page shows the server uptime and the game owner’s username if valid. It also has some user-friendly pictures along with a welcome message for when the user...
  8. OfficialTM

    ATM machine - Withdrawal and Deposit v1.0

    FEATURES Clean and Modern GUI Discord Integration Admin Panel Withdraw, Deposit, Transfer, Account History Features Stable performance Lots of settings options to fit your game perfectly Add developer products as you wish Introducing our state-of-the-art ATM product for Roblox, designed to...
  9. OfficialTM

    Admin Panel - WORKING WITH DISCORD v1.0

    PUNISHMENT MANAGEMENT Ban Mute Warn Kick Unban Unmute Check Infractions Orbital Kick Check Ban SERVER MANAGEMENT Day Lock Server Message Night Unlock Shutdown USER MANAGEMENT Jail Bring View Unjail Teleport Unview Void Freeze Respawn Devoid Unfreeze Remove Tool ADMIN MANAGEMENT Admin...
  10. LynxX

    Discord Badges V6 v2.0

    Discord Badge Pack
  11. LynxX

    Discord Badges V5 v2.0

    Discord Badge Pack
  12. colramaz

    [OFFERING MYSELF AS MANAGER/ADMIN] 4+ years of experience

    Hi i'm colramaz. I'm a 25 years old guy from Italy (CET). I offer myself as a manager, resource manager or admin for any kind of server or studios that contacts me. I will only consider PAID positions. Prices can be discussed together based also on your availability. For any questions...
  13. Oasis Studio

    Mod Call System v1.0

    Mod Call System (customizable) Features: – Call a mod (sends a message to a discord channel using webhooks – Two ways to open the panel (topbar is on by default after purchase – Ui is easily able to be changed Problems? Contact me on discord: void_w
  14. ShadowCorp

    Datastore Editor System v1.0

    Cheap and Simple Datastore Editor System – Easy to use – GUI Based System – Features the ability to edit both the regular Datastore and Datastore2 – Easy to configure with settings – Rank Restricted – Whitelisting Ability – Set value and Increment value functions
  15. ShadowCorp

    Admin System v1.0

    Simple and Easy Admin System Simple To Modify Easy To Configure Whitelist Feature Command Level Locking Feature UI Sound Effects Secure Client to Server Connection The Admin System Comes With The Following Commands Kick Kill Bring To Warn Health Speed Explode Settings Module is Inside...
  16. E

    SpectraVanish v1.7

    Unleash discreet observation with SpectraVanish, the essential vanish plugin for Minecraft administrators. Dive into shadows to oversee your server seamlessly, ensuring gameplay, enforcing rules, and maintaining order without compromising excitement. Key Features: No Item PickUp: Vanished...
  17. S

    Minecraft Server Administrator Wanted

    Position: Minecraft Server Administrator About Us: We are embarking on an exciting Minecraft server project and are actively seeking a skilled Server Administrator to ensure the stability, security, and optimal performance of our server infrastructure. If you have a passion for Minecraft...
  18. StillNotSwedish

    ✨ Experienced Server Owner Seeking for Server Staff for an upcoming Server ✨

    Greetings BBB Community! 👋 My name is Pat and I have been making Minecraft servers, mostly factions and geopol based since the early days of 2020, Now I am gearing up to launch the OG Factions server,! To make this endeavor a success, I am looking enthusiasticpeople who are...
  19. Astronaut

    InvSwitch | Inventory Management v1.0

    | ABOUT INVSWITCH | InvSwitch is a plugin for admins who also love to play on the server, allowing them to switch between their player inventory, and an admin inventory if needed. This way, their gameplay is not interrupted when they need to be boss for a little while! | COMMANDS / PERMISSIONS...
  20. AegisCo

    Rules GUI Type 2 v1.0

    A Rules GUI with 2 modes (Open on spawn/Open on button) + Beautiful UI High Quality Customisable Fully Scripted
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