1. XKanekiX

    Discord Advertisements & Promotion | 40,000+ Members

    Server Has 2,000+ Daily Joins Prices : 50$ 500 +Joins 60$ 600 +Joins 70$ 700+ Joins 80$ 1,000 +Joins 120$ 2,000+Joins Server Link : My Discord @sleepingkaneki
  2. Davecraft47

    StatusMC | Lifesteal | Join Now! 😉

    Welcome to StatusMC -=+=- About StatusMC -=+=- We are a server dedicated to lifesteal, and we take great pleasure in witnessing the community come together to create a space where lasting memories can be formed. Our primary goal is to expand our community to its fullest potential, allowing...
  3. Davecraft47

    StatusMC Discord | LifeSteal

    Status is a server that will offer a very smooth and very enjoyable. experience for its players. The server will have many custom features and good game mechanics. We try to make your gamemodes different, unlike any other server. So, what you waiting for? Join our discord and our server! We...
  4. Levitate

    [CLOSED] 🏆 Discord Ads for TriumphMC [LIFESTEAL - 1.20] 🏆

    TriumphMC - Content Creator Recruitment TriumphMC is a 1.20.1+ lifesteal server, with plans to expand into other game modes such as skyblock, survival and more. Information • We are looking for people that can advertise our discord server in Minecraft related communities, etc 1. Community must...
  5. Masters321

    [PAID] MC Manhunt Clips

    Hey! I'm looking for someone that can record similliar videos to the ones linked below. I'd edit it myself, only need the recording done by someone. Pay Per Clip: $5 - $10 If you're interested drop your discord down below. Examples:
  6. Requlogia

    SERVER ADS - Epic Thread Design v1.0

    Overviev: The design is created as .psd. After running the design using Photoshop, you can edit it as you wish. Content: About Us Features Staffs Server Images
  7. Snodiomedia

    Learn how to get traffic to your store via paid traffic

  8. N

    buying lots of ads

    DM me on discord: neo.dsc no auths, botted, or low quality joins 1:15 join ratio minimum for guaranteed ads welcome dms preferred
  9. 7

    Discord ads with @everyone ping

    Offering discord ads on my servers with 2k, 1.6k, 1k members with pings: @ everyone - 20€ @ here - 10€ Your ad will never be deleted Add mé on discord: 7hepeter
  10. I

    Discord Ads - 7,000+ Members [ACTIVE MEMBERS]

    Promo Prices - Giveaway Promo (2d Long) with No Ping - $10 (75+ Members) Giveaway Promo (4d Long) with @ here - $15 (175+ Members) Giveaway Promo (7d Long) with @ everyone - $25 (250+ Members) Discord Server - Contact Me On Discord - fastsrt
  11. xyznate


    Information: These are guaranteed discord members provided from a discord bot, not a spam bot or giveaway. The members are accurate and are guaranteed to join within one hour. You will need to add a discord bot for the members to join your server, but you can remove it after everyone has joined...
  12. gekkio341

    Looking for help with ads!

    Hello there! I am currently in the process of setting up a Minecraft server and am seeking additional players to join. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in achieving this goal. Specifically, I am hoping to connect with YouTubers, streamers, or individuals with experience in promoting...
  13. Unis2121

    TrendMine - TikTok & Shorts Creation

  14. itsjack

    LOOKING FOR Minecraft Server Lists

    Hey BBB, I'm simply looking for websites to advertise Minecraft Servers. Examples are shown below: Warm regards, Add my discord please. lolitsjackp
  15. Warsteiner37

    Advertise and play HLL

    Hi, i am looking for someone which knows and plays the game Hell let Loose. In short: You play the game and make advertising for a community and invite them to a discord. If someone is interested and wants to discuss about pay, add me on discord: @[TMD] Warsteiner37#1754
  16. XKanekiX

    Discord Welcome Dm Advertisements & Promotion | 100,000+ Members | Minecraft & Lofi Community

    Selling advertisements on a server with over 100,000 members it’s a Minecraft lo-fi type community. Prices - 50€ Welcome Dm Ad 500+ Joins 70€ Welcome Dm Ad 700 + Joins ——————/- Server Link- Discord - sleepingkaneki
  17. Zakofi

    Seeking for content creators (Youtube, Twitch, ...)

    Hello everyone, We are MeteoritePvP, a newly-established 1.8 faction server, and we are seeking content creators (YouTube, Twitch, ...) who can help bolster our team. We are curious as to whether you might be interested in a collaborative effort. Below, you will find all the necessary links...
  18. Neexuus


  19. wAdioz

    ✨ Discord Ads ✨ Cheapest on the Market ✨ Quick delivery ✨

    Hey, im selling discord advertisements in my discord server. I currently have 5.5k members & 400+ members online, good interactions by the community. Add me on discord: wAdioz#4502, only if interested.
  20. lexurcraft


    Hi! We are a new server hosting: Factions, Skyblock, KitPVP, (SMP soon) Our server is called Lexucraft and we have set up social media accounts websites and the server itself. now we are looking for a partner who is willing to help us promote the server and maintain our social media channels...
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