1. HashamXd

    AdvancedEnchants | DeluxeMenu Config v1.0

    Features: • 15x Menus • Custom Lores & Messages • Use Both Exp & Money as Economy • Full Customize and Advanced Wiki • Much more Features
  2. Jken Anciano

    TreasureWars Premade Config

    This is an AdvancedEnchantment Premade Configuration This premade config of AdvancedEnchantment was sold back in 2019 with 2 purchases at BuiltByBuilt and was optimized/upgraded in 2023 There are 60+ Rune Enchantments Premade Config Price: 10$ Once you buy this product you will be given...
  3. Taco Studios

    AdvancedEnchantments - Custom Gui v1.3

    This package contains: 7 GUI menus (submenus on discord) 26 icons from menu (on Discord) 14 icons items example: scrolls, dust, etc. (on Discord) 1 GUI Shop (on Discord) 14 tags from menu (on Discord) To ensure proper functionality, you will need to have ItemsAdder & AdvancedEnchantments...
  4. Hyronic Studios

    AdvancedEnchantments - Configurations v2.0.3

    Since 9.x version, AE plugin is not allow us to register new effect so the addon will not work. (This is old preview) [Updating ...] WEBSITE: DOCUMENT: DISCORD: T.O.S: Why should you...
  5. Auxilor

    EcoEnchants v12.5.1

    EcoEnchants requires eco to be installed Support is given exclusively on my discord. Do not make feature requests or bug reports in the review section. \ Using these partner codes will support me!
  6. Kletterechse

    AdvancedEnchantments Config Help..

    Hello there! Could someone help me out: - Implants wont work / alien implants too i think - Lucky enchant isnt there ((( for the addon soul pearl is duping))) ~Kletterechse
  7. Kletterechse

    -- Closed --

    - Closed -
  8. RunAnts

    ⭕ AdvancedEnchantments Balanced Enchant Configs ⭕

    AdvancedEnchantments CosmivPvP And TreasureWars Balanced Enchant For Sale and making other enchants which is possible inside the plugin! ⭕ Hello, I'm Callum and I'm offering to Make Balanced Enchantments config's for people Currently I have balanced CosmicPvP and TreasureWars enchant config's...
  9. Trexism

    Looking for somebody to write a AdvancedEnchantments configuration

    I have all the enchants I want in a document I just want you to write a advancedenchants configuration. Please DM me on discord @ Trex#2198 if you are willing to do this job for me. I will be paying anywhere from 5-20 dollars!
  10. Zeddy

    AE SaicoPvP Enchants | 75 Enchants | v3.0

    [Configuration] Tired of doing all the work? Purchase this premade AdvancedEnchantments SaicoPvP Replication Setup for a total of 75+ Enchantments and more! Save the time and purchase this complete setup, ready for you to use. NOTE: Enchantments are in order via group/tier in enchantments.yml...
  11. Zeddy

    AE Custom Enchants | 110 Enchants | v3.0

    [Configuration] Tired of doing all the work? Purchase this premade AdvancedEnchantments setup for a total of 110+ Enchantments, 13 GKits, and even more! This setup comes with a range of enchantments categorized into 5 total groups/tiers. Basic Enchants (Tier 1) Advanced Enchants (Tier 2)...
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