affordable hosting

  1. Arctic Hat

    Coral Host - Tailored Hosting Plans!

    Embrace the wave of a Stupendous hosting solutions with Coral Host, where every byte counts and personalization and affordable pricing is the norm! 🌊 Coral Hosting: Essential $10 Plan Experience the perfect blend of affordability and performance with our Essential Plan. Designed for...
  2. ItzJay04

    [EU] Devion Hosting | ☄️ NVMe UK Hosting at low cost!

    Why choose DevionHost? Affordable prices with no setup fees Fast and reliable services to ensure you have the best experience. 24/7 Live chat support to fix your issues in no time. 14-day refund policy. 99.9% uptime (check our status) Pterodactyl panel and cPanel to make sure you are already...
  3. BitDash

    ⚡ BitDash Ltd | EU LOCATION | MINECRAFT HOSTING | AMD Ryzen Servers | DDoS Protection

    Come chat with us on Discord!
  4. ar0n

    ar0n's Hosting · RYZEN 5 3600 · DDR4 · Minecraft PC + PE Servers · NVMe SSD · £1.50/GB [DE/EU]

    Because the server I rent is pretty powerful, I can rent out parts of it so that people can have a stable and reliable server. Much better value for performance than "Minecraft Hosting" companies or other game server providers. I can provide game server hosting or pretty much any other type of...
  5. JoshTheNerd

    NuronHosting | Unlimited Web Hosting | 2$/GB VPS Hosting

    Hello everyone! We are offering VPS hosting starting from 2$/GB and Unlimited Website hosting starting from 5$/month Spend 10$ or more on any of our services to receive an additional month of hosting! Join our Discord for more info
  6. redxserver ➡ As low as $1.5/GB Minecraft hosting ✔ | DDoS Protection ✔ | Premium support ✔

  7. Ksandur

    ★Fast,Reliable & Afforable Hosting★ ExperityHosting

    Hi there, today i'm going to introduce you with possibly the BEST hosting company you've ever seen. It is called, ExperityHosting. Now without further a do, let's get into more about this hosting. Here are some actual specs to follow up on that! CPU: Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2670! RAM: 64GB...
  8. Tom Croft

    Parrot Hosting - MONTHLY GIVEAWAY

    Our monthly Giveaway is happening, if you want to enter, join the Parrot Hosting Discord. Our giveaway bot will pick a winner Next Week! We are giving away: • 1 x 1 Month of Unlimited Hosting • 2 x 1 Month of Tier 2 Hosting
  9. Secure Attack

    ⚡SecureAttack Is an industry leading provider of ddos protected hosting, tcp & http reverse proxies⚡

    THE MOST EXPERIENCED DDOS PROTECTION & MITIGATION SECURITY SOLUTION SecureAttack Is an industry leading provider of ddos protected vps hosting, tcp & http reverse proxies for websites and game servers. We strive for one thing above all else: Cheap, Affordable and Reliable services. With an...
  10. Kelvin R

    Dedicraft - Affordable Dedicated Server Hosting from only $35 USD Per a month (USA and Europe)

    Please note: Terms of Service applies on all packages. You can view our Terms of Server here: If one of our team members suspect any kind of "sarcasm, trolling or joking around" in our thread, your comment will remain ignored. Dedicraft is a professional company, and...
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