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  1. Rubjah

    Mobile App

    Please make an android app, it would be so much better :)))))
  2. Sean G.

    Game Development/Partnership

    Hi, I'm looking for some thoughts/feedback on a business game for android devices (other platforms are an option) that I have been thinking about. I'm primarily looking for a developer that would be willing to assist in creating this game and potentially has some experience using Unity...
  3. N


    I want to sell my domain. Its a best domain for Android Developer Registered On: 2014-04-13 Registrar: Dynadot Payment: BIN: 100 usd
  4. alexbgames

    Android App Development | $50 Flat fee| 1 Year Support and Updates | The sky's the limit

    Hello! I am the lead developer of Pocket Chunk Hosting. I am offering the development of one android app at the flat rate of $50 USD. I can add any features you would like your app to have. Build time will depend on complexity. If the app is super basic then the price will be lower. I have...
  5. Petscop

    Cuberite - A Custom Minecraft Server Written in C++

    So, recently I came across to this Github project named Cuberite with pretty good amount of stars (2,670 as I'm writing this), witch is completely custom Minecraft Java Edition server written in C++. So what are the features, or pros? Since it's written in C++ compared to Vanilla Minecraft...
  6. Nigel

    Android/ios app development

    I wont post a beautiful post since im dutch and we dont beat around the bushes. I will make your android or ios app to your needs. Prices vary depending on the workload and free options are available. Portfolio site: Im also good and android/ios games made in unity.
  7. Luukd_2000

    ✨Android and IOS publishing and development✨ | Recallpixel studios✨

  8. Konrad

    StudentHub - Connect with your classmates

    StudentHub is an application made for students from students. StudentHub makes it easy for students (in a classroom) to work together and help each other. The application saves everything in the cloud so that the data can be accessed anywhere at any time. Link (Google Playstore)...
  9. I

    IPhone and Android app developers (NON MINECRAFT)

    Hi, Does anyone know how to develop complex iphone/android apps? Thanks, IAmAPerson
  10. Woukaine

    Your android application - 100% editable - 50$

    Hello guys, My English is not very good because I'm French. Today I will introduce my services. I create android application for minecraft servers. An extension of your website. With this application you will gain credibility and professionalism, your server will be promoted easily as you will...
  11. Croc

    Native MCM Push Notifications via IFTTT!

    Due to growing tired of all the suggestions for a mobile app for MCM, I decided to look for a way to solve the problem without the need for a mobile app. I can finally say I have found the perfect solution and it is extremely easy for ANYONE to do. Best of all, it is completely FREE! It uses a...
  12. Woukaine

    Team of development, experienced developers.

    Hello ! We work in the field for more than 5 year. Our knowledge here : You can contact team's owners via skype: woukaine or live:sam5
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