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    SERVER SECURITY PACK Chat Guard, Anti-Exploits, Anti-Crash, Anti-Dupe, Anti-Bugs, Anti-Bots... v0.5 - Inventory Rollback

  2. L

    LevitateChat - Chat Management Plugin 1.0

    LevitateChat is a all-in-one chat plugin that gives features from many different plugins and puts it all in one, things ranging from basic antiswear/antispam to staffchat, and automatic messages. Full Updated Feature List: AutomaticMessages AntiSpam AntiSwear ChatToggle ChatClear ChatFormat...
  3. kangarko

    ChatControl Red - Format & Filter Chat 10.14.1

    [ Buy with Credit Card/Crypto ] For customers from Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Ukraine, China, .. 1.19 CHAT REPORTING: We disable all reporting in chat channels or private messages automatically and we offer a toggle to disable it from other plugins too, including the annoying corner popup "Your...
  4. M

    BetterChat - Keep your chat clean 1.0

    BetterChat is a resource that allows you to control your chat. Features Config Commands Permissions My discord server:
  5. LinsaFTW

    ChatSentinel - Premium Configuration 0.3.0

    INFORMATION This is a PREMIUM configuration for the free BungeeCord/Spigot chat protection plugin ChatSentinel. Click here to Download the plugin needed by this configuration, ChatSentinel! This PREMIUM configuration took a lot of time to make, it has been used in big servers with real...
  6. CyberDevelopment

    Is your server getting bot attacked heavily?

    If your server is getting heavily bot attacked every day and you need a fast and effective solution, you can buy BotSentry for just 8.99 EUR!!! It will solve all your bot attacks without problems! YOU CAN BUY IT ON SPIGOTMC! JUST SEARCH BOTSENTRY! I'm glad to tell you that you...
  7. P

    Anti-Spam & Filter Plugin

    Hello, looking to buy a nice Anti-Spam/Chat Filter plugin. Basically the idea is that after someone spams a message 3 times with a 1-2 second interval between them, after they do it once it warns them to slow down, and if they do it again it will just auto mute them for 2 minutes. And for the...
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