1. Lenauro

    Afghanistan Map v1.0

    Great for Roleplay or Army Deployment Maps
  2. FMDS

    PA Bushcoat - 2LT to GEN v1.0

    FEATURES PA Bushcoat Uniform (Set)
  3. FMDS

    PA Battle Dress Uniform v1.0

    FEATURES PA Battle Dress Uniform With freebies (Uniform Changer, Uniform Changer table, and Hairs) and more+
  4. FMDS

    PA Pershing Cap v1.0

    FEATURES PA Pershing Cap (Set) Scripted and more+
  5. burnelistaurelis

    Combat Training Map V1 v1.0

    This is one of the coolest Combat Training maps with a unique gun system! There are a lot of different guns out of which you can pick. Fully scripted 2 Warehouses A lot of guns Needs a little scripting exp Everything ready Unique Affordable Morphs
  6. FMDS

    PA GOA Type C - Full Rank v1.0

    FEATURES PA GOA Type C Uniform (Set)
  7. FMDS

    PA Formal Green Duck Type B - Full Rank v1.0

    FEATURES PA Formal Green Duck Type B Uniform (Set)
  8. FMDS

    PA Formal White Duck Type A - 2LT to GEN v1.0

    FEATURES PA Formal White Duck Type A Uniform (Set)
  9. Fjnxcl

    United States Army Map V4 v1.0

    INFORMATION The United States Army Map V4 is a perfect, high quality and one of a kind map for your army. This map is partially scripted and has a headquarters building, and other Divisional ready to be filled with all your divisions. This map includes main gate, parade deck, exchange and even...
  10. BloxMarket

    Military Parade Grounds v1.0

    FEATURES Easily customisable to suit any military group - not currently branded for any army Includes spawn area Bleachers for spectators Podium for HQ ranks Space for extra STS pads if you have more than 6 regiments / divisions Well optimised to prevent lag
  11. BloxMarket

    Military Shooting Range v1.0

    FEATURES Rows of targets adjustable to every type of weapon / range Well lit with good attention to detail Easily customisable Works with the majority of gun systems Perfect for any military themed groups
  12. BloxMarket

    Zeurkha Valley, Afghanistan v1.0

    Detailed & Realistic Afghanistan Map; perfect for milsims and other military-themed groups; -> Comes with Afghan National Army Uniforms -> Detailed FOB and various military outposts -> One Major City and several smaller villages across the map ->Large map with a spawn area perfect for uniforms...
  13. 14kTriad

    Lone Pine Academy 0

    Lone Pine Academy Includes: Scripted Uniform ready to use Few regimental buildings Notes; This product is built for roleplay purposes, therefore it is mildly scripted. By purchasing our products, you agree not to leak or resell them without proper authorization.
  14. StevesWonders

    Canadian Army Barracks v1.0

    Parade Square Divisional/Regimental buildings Basic Training Area Obstacle Course Interiors Classrooms Offices Uniform Rooms Mock town for combat training situations Small Airfield Rifle Range Small Arms Range Gamepass Boards (Credit to iGriffn)
  15. U

    Skyscraper Training Facility v1.0

    Military Training CQB Map. Skyscraper Training Facility, a very immersive map designed for the milsim community and many different types of groups. Skyscraper Facility comes with 3 different floors, and multiple areas such as a gym, many kill houses, gun range, 2 conference rooms, gear room...
  16. Dizzyhen43

    Ops-Core Fast Helmet v1.0

    ・Highly Realistic and Detailed ・4 Helmets ・Removable Goggles ・Removable Cosmetics ・Removable IR Light ・Removable Patches ・Removable Chemlights ・Removable Flashlights ・No GUI (Removable in Studio)
  17. Dizzyhen43

    Airframe Helmets v1.0

    ・Highly Realistic and Detailed ・4 Helmets ・Removable Goggles ・Removable IR Light ・Removable Patches ・Chemlights ・No GUI (Removable in Studio)
  18. Dizzyhen43

    CG634 Helmets v1.0

    ・Highly Realistic & Detailed ・Helmet of Canadian Military ・4 Helmets
  19. Dizzyhen43

    Combat Training Map v1.0

    ・Breaching Areas ・Briefing Area ・Equipment Trucks ・Shooting Ranges ・Lake ・Helipads ・4000 x 4000 ・Etc.
  20. Dizzyhen43

    Training Set v1.0

    A training course with walls, nets and more!