auth lobby

  1. Destiny_

    AuthMe Setup - Feature Bedrock Gui v1.0

    Look at the dependencies section. Spawn images (By NxxYasl): 1. How is it installed? The server is plug and play. Just put in your and the spigot/paper/fork of your choice. By default, it comes with Paper Spigot 1.20.4. 2. Is it Bungeecord? Yes, the plugin is Bungeecord includes a...
  2. Vextrosity

    This build is no longer available.

    Exclusive + Resell Rights Version: 1.13+ ZIP Contents: Schematic Price: $19.99 USD Contact me on discord to purchase: zblap Join our discord to be the first to know about new exclusive builds.
  3. Digger Creations

    Auth Setup - Simple & Secure Auth Setup v1.0

  4. soymatih

    Auth setup optimized | EN/ES 0

    • ⚙️ about configuration It is a basic configuration server, optimized and easy to link/add to your bungee server. It does not include the luckperms/authme and ddos/exploitz protection plugins because they are always changed by buyers for a more comfortable one and as many will know, databases...

    AUTH LOBBY - Cherry Blossom Server Setup v1.0

    TEAM ELYSION STUDIO'S PRODUCT INFORMATION Cherry Blossom Fake Lobby Extension Package is based on the core version 1.12.2 and supports all versions between 1.12.2 and 1.20.6. Map Size: 135x135 Versions: 1.12.2 - 1.20.6 FEATURES Elegantly designed MOTD (Message of the Day). Messages...
  6. Luxion Studio

    Cherry Lobby | 128x128 v1

    ______________________________________ High quality, very beautiful, nostalgic, unique Cherry map! ______________________________________ Most suitable for: Lobby Auth Waiting lobby Spawn Features 1.20+ only because of Cherry blocks Size: 128x128 Spawn point Map has invisible boundaries...
  7. ZenectionTR

    ZenectionTR | AuthLobby Setup v1.0

    FEATURES: UltimateAntiBot Attack Registration / login system Custom MOTD Proxy Protection Advanced Bot Protection /hub Command Automatic Lobby relay If you have a problem about the lobby package, you can come to our discord server and open support, and you can browse the Video on our YouTube...
  8. X


    Details: 3 different auth lobbies (Normal, Halloween and Christmas) Version +1.8 Schematic

    Auth Map | Portal & Parkour v1.0

    TEBEX PAYMENTS SUPPORTED! MORE THAN 30 PAYMENT METHODS AVAILABLE DOWNLOAD & INFOS ・・・・・ After downloading you will receive .zip file which includes: 1. World save 2. .schem file for WorldEdit INSTALLATION GUIDE: WORLD SAVE 1. Download the resource and copy the Auth folder 2. Point to your...
  10. LukyTechnology

    Auth | The Valley | Free v1.2

    Map information: What is on the map? Wood house Waterfall and river Wood bridge Cave with portal Mountains around these builds What i get after download? World folder Schematic file Other information: Version: 1.8 to newest Dependencies: WorldEdit Bedrock Edition: No Do you want 3D...
  11. MineAlex


    Purchase here -----> BUY Resource pack: ❌ The setup is available in English and Spanish ➾ Bossbar ➾ Title ➾ Server redirect (to lobby) ➾ Only 11 plugins ➾ 1.7-1.19 ➾ Hologram with information ➾ Exploit Fixer ➾ Anti disconnect spam ¿What is this setup? This setup is an...
  12. C4RLOZ



    Ultra Auth-Lobby Setup v10-Summer

    ⚡ULTRA AUTH-LOBBY SETUP⚡ This is a really simple auth-lobby server setup, made in a way to provide to users the fastest and easiest way to register and login to access the server, with an amazing authentication system, screen titles, join messages disabled, chat disabled, proxy whitelister...
  14. Diekieboy


  15. Elb1to

    Forgotten Woods | Auth Lobby v1.0

    Small Auth/Waiting Lobby 100x100 High quality Detailed and cool Nature/Garden themed 1.8+
  16. MrZent

    AuthLobby ▄❋▄HQ▄❋▄

    Hi, I bring you a high quality AuthLobby, the price is: 2 dollars If you want to pay exclusive is: 1 dollar more, evidence that the construction is mine for private ^^ My Skype: live:luisdavidmartinezgomez My Twitter: @ZentChanMC Proof: