1. M

    CRAFTIK - Complete website CZ v1.0

    LIVE DEMO: Register to and log to our website. Website with administration, shop, forum, overview of registered players, connection to LUCKPERMS, AUTHME and money. TODO: Improvements to user profiles. Smoothing the codes And your requirements. INSTALL...
  2. soymatih

    Auth setup optimized | EN/ES 0

    • ⚙️ about configuration It is a basic configuration server, optimized and easy to link/add to your bungee server. It does not include the luckperms/authme and ddos/exploitz protection plugins because they are always changed by buyers for a more comfortable one and as many will know, databases...
  3. PolsatGraniePL

    PL - Authme Premium autologin config v5.6.0

    Authme Premium autologin config Polish configuration of the Authme plugin with automatic login of premium players. The player can choose whether he has a "Premium" or "Cracked" account during registration. Premium login can only be enabled by players who have a legal copy of Minecraft. Then...
  4. DowxyCZ

    Authme Configuration | 13 colour v1.0

    Simple authmee messages configuration. For support: Write on built by bit message or on my discord (thelegenddowy)
  5. Barry

    AuthMe - Messages Configuration v1.0

    OVERVIEW: This AuthMe Configuration is great and optimized for modern Minecraft Servers it is in 10 Color. After purchasing a Configuration, confirm your purchase on our Discord and get help anytime. The Configuration is created with all the heart and soul. After the purchase, please share your...
  6. EpicProduction

    FREE Epic AuthMe Config For Your Server v1.0

    Epic AuthMe Config Unlock the full potential of your Minecraft server with our FREE Epic AuthMe Config! Crafted to perfection, this configuration ensures seamless player authentication, protecting your server while enhancing the gameplay experience. Our expertly designed configuration covers...
  7. T

    AuthLobby Setup - Custom Plugin v1.0

    » REQUIREMENTS: • Spigot / Paper (1.8 - 1.12.2) - The setup contains PandaSpigot wich is a Paper 1.8.8 fork. • Minimum 512mb of RAM. • Custom coded plugin. • MySQL Support. • Customizable messages & titles. • Bungeecord sender. • Change password mode. • 1.8 - 1.19 Support with...
  8. Leynad

    Authme | translation to Spanish v1.0

  9. PremadeSetups

    AUTH SETUP v1.0

    ・An AUTHLOBBY in general terms is known as a fast login server for servers. Here players will be able to manage functions exclusively for the security of their account. That's why we bring you this light and beautiful login server to surprise your players. ▲ SERVER REQUIREMENTS. Required...

    Auth Map | Portal & Parkour v1.0

    TEBEX PAYMENTS SUPPORTED! MORE THAN 30 PAYMENT METHODS AVAILABLE DOWNLOAD & INFOS ・・・・・ After downloading you will receive .zip file which includes: 1. World save 2. .schem file for WorldEdit INSTALLATION GUIDE: WORLD SAVE 1. Download the resource and copy the Auth folder 2. Point to your...
  11. HulkDoesGaming

    Velocity Setup v2

    Terms of Service - Once you have purchased our product, you agree with the following. I have the authority to revoke your license at any time if you violate ToS. Refunds are not allowed, you've purchased the theme so it's basically yours. Chargebacks will get you removed from purchasing any...

    PLAX Hub Setup - Latest Version v2.5


    PLAX Auth Lobby Setup v2



    AUTHME SETUP ・・・・・ We present you an auth server that is minimalistic and organized in appearance. We apply all our acquired experience to our setups so that all customers are satisfied, and above all to help them. The server itself consists of 23 main plugins. We used Paper for the main fork...
  15. MCCharity

    Indigo Village Lobby vRELEASE

    Indigo Village Lobby 100x100 Cost: 3.75 Non-Exclusive View our full catalog at! Notes: Version: 1.8+ Approximate Size: 100x100 File Type: .schematic
  16. OriginBuilds

    Lobby - Purple Medieval - |400x400| v1.1

    Information : ➔ Size : 400x400 ➔ MC version : 1.8 - 1.20 ➔ Spawn Area ➔ 9x NPCs ➔ 2x Crates ➔ Portal ➔ Free place... ➔ Download folder contain : Schematic: ㅤWorld:ㅤ ➔ 1.8+ ➔ 1.8+ ➔ 1.12+ ➔ 1.12+ ➔ 1.16+ ➔ 1.16+ ➔ 1.18+ ➔ 1.19+ (Before loading the schematic: /gamerule...
  17. LeaderOS

    LIFETIME - LEADEROS Minecraft Website v5.3.9

    DEMO TRAILER FREE THEMES Blaze Theme Cloud Theme PREMIUM THEMES Gale Theme Leaf Theme Cobalt Theme FREE PLUGIN LeaderOS Plugin FREE ICON PACK LEADEROS Free Store Icon Pack If you want to use the monthly plan, you can subscribe on our site.
  18. benketomi

    AuthMe Hungarian translation - Design v1.0

    HU: Az AuthMe plugin dizájnos Magyarosítása! messages_hu.yml Berakás: 1. Írja át a config.yml fájl-ban a nyelvet Magyarra. (112. sor messagesLanguage: en -> messagesLanguage: hu) 2. Töltse le a fájlt, és rakja be a messages mappába a message_hu.yml fájlt. 3. Töltse újra a plugint és készen...
  19. LeaderOS

    FREE TEBEX PLUS - LEADEROS Minecraft CMS v5.5.4

    DEMO TRAILER FREE THEMES Blaze Theme Cloud Theme PREMIUM THEMES Gale Theme Leaf Theme Cobalt Theme Moss Theme FREE PLUGIN LeaderOS Plugin FREE DISCORD BOT Discord Bot FREE ICON PACK LEADEROS Free Store Icon Pack
  20. BreadBuilds

    AuthMe - Azure Lobby - 120x140 v1.2

    Product information: Lovely azure lobby - can be used as Authme for your Minecraft server Size: ≈ 120x140 Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ Portal Parkour Designed spawn area Created for authme Flying islands Custom trees Few structures and so much more.. Download: Build can be loaded on any version...
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