1. TonyNguyen

    Military FOB 2 v1.0

    The product is a fictional military FOB based in Afghanistan. The military FOB is extremely realistic and detailed, which should be perfect for any roleplay or military operations! You may also modify it easily to fit your purpose.
  2. 14kTriad

    Police Department Base v1.0

    Police Department Base Includes: HQ Model Suitable for those who are in need of cheap PD base. 《︲Property of Real Goblin Development ︲》
  3. cyberoverload

    British Army ETS Base v1.0

    Have you ever wanted to race your friend or train your army in a Roblox game? With this ETS Base Map, you will get a full training center with uniforms, team-only doors, spawns and so much more. You can either use the parkour course that’s on-site or you could do a classroom session in one of...
  4. Broken_HMS

    MCB Camp Pendleton v1.0

    Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Includes: Beautifully complete Camp Pendleton Command Post Multiple Barracks Buildings Marine Corps Exchange for uniforms Marine Corps Mini Mart Battalion Aide Station Motor Pool Three Different MOUT Towns One Large Two...
  5. Broken_HMS

    Fort Bragg v2 - Military installation v1.0

    1-1 fort bragg best on the market - Fort Liberty, formerly Fort Bragg, is a military installation of the United States Army in North Carolina, and is one of the largest military installations in the world by population, with over 52,000 military personnel The MAP has a custom door system So...
  6. raiyan9

    Canadian Forces Academy - Base Borden v1.0

    PRODUCT INFORMATION This Canadian Army map, modeled after Base Bodern, has everything you need to kickstart your own Canadian army adventure! It's big, measuring about 1750 x 2250 Studs, and packed with lots of cool features. FEATURES Huge Map! (1750 x 2250 Studs) Fully Scripted Profile...
  7. DoomerTheDev

    Appalachian Military Base v1.0

    Description 🪵 The map itself is approximately 1500 studs x 1000 studs; and comes with a station headquarters, a heavy-duty obstacle course, parade deck and a millitary checkpoint at the entrance of the base. 🌎 This map is perfect for any kind of millitary roleplays - and is fitted with multiple...
  8. PlenexCorporation

    Kapooka Military Base - Australia v1.0

    Features ▸Installed Gun System ▸Menu UI ▸Land and Air Vehicles ▸Credit System ▸Enemy Base ▸Working Shop System ▸Overhead UI ▸In Game Cash System ▸Multiple Districts
  9. PlenexCorporation

    National Guard & Military Base v1.0

    Features ▸High Quality Modelling ▸Fully Scripted and Operational Game ▸Regimental Buildings ▸Training Areas ▸Large Area ▸Detailed & High Poly ▸Uniform Assets Included ▸Gate ▸Civilian Area ▸Working Store UIs ▸Working Store Billboards ▸TONS of assets ▸SIberian Theme
  10. matejskubic

    Felucia | SW Map v1.0

    Venator exterior Republic base ( spawn, interior for teleport, rally grounds, trainings grounds, ground and aerial vehicle spawn area ) Huge map to explore Hidden places, caves Decorated For more information add matogone on Discord!
  11. Fjnxcl

    Russian Armed Forces Map v1.0

    INFORMATION The Russian Armed Forces map is the best base for Russian based milsim groups, this map has buildings ranging from divisional to quartermasters and shops. This map has a fully working gun system and is fully scripted with the latest overhead ranks and user scripts. FEATURES Gun...
  12. Naruvus

    Sci-fi SCP Facility v1.0

    Mid-poly facility located in an arctic biome. The map has an exterior and interior area that includes: Heli Pads Hangar Security Checkpoints Multiple labs Reactor Medical Bay Offices Armory Cafeteria Class-D Containment Facility doors are keycard operated and the clearance level can be...
  13. 5KFubi

    BaseRaiders | Protection Block v1.0

  14. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Homes Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Allow your players to access the ability to create and manage homes PERMISSIONS: homes.true - Allows players to use all Home commands! COMMANDS: /sethome [name] - Set your Home to your current location /delehome [name] - Deletes the Home specified /home [name] - Teleport home
  15. AlexP21

    US Marines Twentynine Palms, California v1.0

    Full, complete, 1:1 base replicating the US Marines training areas Features: Realistic & big scenery Firing ranges Grenade Ranges Pistol Ranges Mock Training towns More photos - Google Drive
  16. GPI

    Military Base / Training Map v1.0

    Realistic map design / lighting Multiple buildings / locations to explore & utilize Obstacle course 1800x1800 map Shooting range + Sniper setup on a hill looking down on the range Working front gates
  17. T

    Survival Small Base v1.20+

    Survival small base with a village and a lot of details Versions: 1.20+ Interiors: Yes Castle Nether Portal Storage Enchantment table Stoves Farmers fields Swing And so much more..
  18. AlexP21

    NC 28542 Camp Lejeune US Marine Base v1.0

    A realistic, 1:1 scale map of the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base Features: Shooting range Base Entrance Parade Grounds Intricate detail More photos - Google Drive
  19. T

    Survival Base 0

    Survival base with a Dragon and a lot of details Versions: 1.20+ Interiors: Yes Castle Dragon Nether Portal Storage System Enchantment table Auto stove Farmers fields Flying island Camp Well Lake Bridge Swing Bedroom And so much more..
  20. Naruvus

    Sci-Fi Colony Base - Border RP Map v1.0

    High-poly sci-fi base featuring checkpoint style entrance, prison, armory, cafeteria, rally room & garrison rooms. Outside of the base are several abandoned buildings and small raider camps set in a canyon-like crater. Includes a kit of all the props used in the map and a set of modular walls &...
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