bed wars

  1. PanttherBuilds

    1$ Build Store | The only shop with builds for $1

    Hello, my name is Mitel, and I am honored to present you the $1 project This store was founded in everyone's pocket, we have builds for almost all categories at only $1 If you are also interested, just access the discord link, and buy a build for only $1 Thank...
  2. N

    SpaceBWar v1.0

    good map for practicing or just playing with your friends or in a server Enjoy the space and enjoy your time with them in here you con make a good spot for futuristic video. enter in armony with a great paradox of the universe and conquer the space bedwars or practice pvp it never been so...
  3. AlinMihai96

    BedWars | Premium Setup v1.0

    Not need premium dependencies! What is BedWars? In Bed Wars, you and up to 4 teammates spawn on islands. You must gather 4 resources: Iron, Gold, Diamonds and Emeralds to buy items and upgrades at the Shopkeepers on your island. Each island has a Bed - if your Bed is destroyed you can no...
  4. DustyBuilds

    DustyBuilds | Mushy Paradise BedWars Hub v1.0

    Info: ⇒ Red Mushroom Themed Lobby ⇒ Size: 200x200 ⇒ Verions: 1.19 - 1.20 ⇒ Contains: Spawn area 5 NPC places 1 place for Leader Board 1 place for Info Specifications: ⇒ You will recieve the zipped vanilla world folder when downloading ⇒ World name: mushy_paradise
  5. Mbagaming

    Bedwars Map Ancient Tower By Mbagaming v1.0

    Presenting another Bedwars map, 'Ancient Tower,' by Mbagaming. The development process took more time than anticipated, so I kindly request you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and on Minecraft Planet. About Ancient Tower Map:- Based On Version 1.16.5 World Folder Attached Only Sand...
  6. Kindness_


    Hi all, After holding onto for a significant period of time, I have decided that I’d like to put it up for sale. This is something I never thought I’d end up doing considering the premium I paid for the domain, but sometimes life takes a drastic turn and we have to focus on what...
  7. projectenchanted

    150x150 Concrete Only Bed Wars Schematic v1.0

    Concrete Only || Bed Wars schematic || 150 x 40 x 150 schematic ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Concrete only bed wars schematic made using only concrete blocks. 4 team islands with spaces for generators and shop keepers, 4 sub islands and a...
  8. Mineset

    170x170 - Knight Spawn v1.1

    Dimensions 170 x 170 Contains The spawn comes with two main buildings which also have space within them for extra shop signs, NPCs, crates... etc A Knight organic PLAY platform for an NPC Extra platform for 3 crates or NPCs NOTE: We recommend to use /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 before...
  9. Qualis BUILDS

    Bedwars Lobby | 200x200 v1.0

    ✦ Island Lobby ✦ ✦ Place for Npc's ✦ ✦ Places for sing's ✦ ✦ Place for creates ✦ ✦ Place for cosmetics ✦ ✦ Portals ✦ ✦ Schematics files available ✦ ✦ Size: 200X200 ✦ Galery
  10. Mustafa Esad

    EGGWARS Like Popular Networks v0.1

    EggWars is a PvP Game. Basically, you spawn in a coloured island with your egg, and you have to keep your egg safe from enemies or they will destroy it. If you die, you will respawn, as long as your egg is not destroyed. In the meantime, you will have to go destroy other eggs. Defending and...
  11. Polygon

    Bedwars 4s Desert Map | 1.8+

    Bedwars 4s Desert Map | 1.8+ "The perfect 4 team bedwars map." Contains: • 4 Team Desert Map Description: •Build is NON-EXCLUSIVE. Resell rights are NOT included. •Built using 1.8 blocks. •File is compressed as a .zip. •4 diamond generators, 3 emerald generators. •Perfect for any minigame...
  12. MultiDev


    Hello, I am actually selling a premade setup which looks similar to the hypixel one. It's the bedwars practice setup. It's used by hypixel to train their players to brridge well, clutch well, and to TNT or Fireball Jump well. I made a special plugin core that is likely the same as the one used...
  13. TWP Building Team

    FPService Building | Products

    Hello everyone! Anyone wanting to purchase a fully finished project (100%) has come to the right place for it! We offer ready built with the option to modify if the customer wishes. There are currently 2 projects that are available and have been put up for sale! Both builds are completely...
  14. BreadBuilds

    HCF Spawn - Sunflower World - 200x200 v1.1

    Product information: Size Spawn: ≈ 200x200 Size Warzone: ≈ 670x670 Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ 2 Koths Places for server stuff Places for 5 NPCs (can be managed by you) Places for 4 Crates (can be managed by you) Enchantment area (3 enchants) + Forge area Market (shop) area + Market tents Nether...
  15. BreadBuilds

    Lobby - Oasis Island - 250x250 v1.1

    Product information: Tropical village surrounded by water Interiors: Yes Parkour: Yes Size: 250x250 Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ 2 info tables Places for 4 NPCs Places for 4 Crates 4 Portals Square Port and ship Villages Tropical Castle Spawn point area Palms and so much more.. Download: Build can...
  16. xLyam

    Aquatic Bedwars Setup - EN/ES v3.0.0

    🌊HELLO AQUATIC CRUSTACIO🌊 You just found the best Bedwars setup your server needs! Here you can find some features like: Bedwars cosmetics (WinDance, Trails, Toppers and more), Leaderboard system (Solo, Double, Trios, Quarts, 1vs1 & 4vs4), Language System, Rewards, StatusTags & more. Our price...
  17. EnyoBuilds

    1V1 BEDWARS MAP PACK v1.8+

    3D MODELS: Japanese Map Ice Map Fantasy Map Desert Map AmongUs Map You will get: SCHEMATIC FILE If you need any help: DISCORD / DISCORD
  18. BreadBuilds

    ⭐[SkyBlock/Spawn] - Kingdom SkyBlock - 300x300

    Product information: Precisely and much detailed SkyBlock hub Size: ≈ 300x300 Interiors: Yes Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ Enchantments Crop farms + Windmill Animal farms Fisherman Alchemists, Potions Forge, Blacksmith The Pub 11 Market tents 13 NPCs places (editable) 2 Crate places (editable) 4...
  19. OutssBuilds

    sold out.

    sold out
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