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  1. danielx117

    Mike's Auto Repair v1.0

    Features 3 car Garage Tool repair equipment Nice lighting Sigh outside indicating the store(Trees not included)
  2. danielx117

    KillHouse v1.0

    Features Detailed Customizable Military use Cheap
  3. danielx117

    Mechanic Shop v1.0

    Features Detailed Interior Customizable Cheap
  4. AxoLab

    Naruto Spawn | AxoLab | Minecraft Studio v1.0

    With this map give a new look to your users, with a Naruto theme! ;)
  5. rodrago34.90

    Discord Handler Bot v1.1

    This handler is made with the purpose of being able to adapt it to other bots and maintain all compatibility in its commands. These are some of its characteristics: High scalability Systems adaptation Complete customization Saving data in a database Multi Guild Developer mode
  6. Im_A_Bread

    Underwater Pack v1.20.1

    What does this pack contain? Squid: +4 Whales: +3 Turtles: +3 Anchors: +6 Sponges: +45 Algae: +20 Sea stars: +36 Chests with treasure: +6 Marlin (fish): +3 Dolphin: +3 Shells: +3 Crabs: +3 Hammerhead shark: +3 Colorful fish: +12 Coverall: +1 Big seahorses: +11 Small seahorses: +11 Bubbles: +2...
  7. Immortal Studios

    ChatGames Config - 12 Colors v1.0

    🗨️ 12 Color Themes 🗨️ 50+ Trivia Questions 🗨️ 250+ Words 🗨️ 6 Games (unscramble,unreverse,reaction,fillout,math & trivia questions) 🗨️ No premium plugins needed 🗨️ Easy installation 🗨️ 100% customizable 🗨️ Fast support 🗨️ Version Compatibility (1.8-1.20) 🗨️ Hex colors Aqua - Blue - Brown -...
  8. Levitate

    Optimized Purpur Files - Premium Config v1.0.0

    Overview: This configuration includes server configuration files for optimizing your server that work for Paper/Pufferfish/Purpur, they effectively optimize your server while not affecting the overall gameplay experience of your Minecraft server. Using this configuration you can increase the...
  9. Levitate

    Lobby - Premium Setup v1.0.0

    Overview: This lobby setup provides a smooth and very optimized experience for players, including many features while also keeping a good amount of simplicity making sure that everything is very objective and straight to the point while also providing good information about your server. The...
  10. D

    The Ultimate Generator Skript v1.0

    An advanced minecraft generator skript Key Features: Intuitive GUI for admin-controlled generator creation. MongoDB integration for seamless data backup and retrieval. Comprehensive set of commands and functions for efficient generator management. Levels, multipliers, and exp-boosters for...
  11. Immortal Studios

    Survival Setup - Immortal Studios v1.2

    Join our test server to view all the features yourself, Join the discord server if you want to test server. DISCORD GUI MENUS We invested over 30 days meticulously crafting a sophisticated setup, developing more than 30 GUI menus comprising over 12000 lines of code. Our aim is to enhance...
  12. zoidsus12

    ZoidSpawn | Donut SMP Spawn Plugin v1

  13. nish

    🚀 #1 🚀 Improve your sales with our optimized landing pages 🚀

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  14. Pyzem Studios


    We are selling all kind of websites and templates, if you want to buy/order some, join our discord and create a ticket. https://[Censored]/discord (we are aslo giving some of them away for free)
  15. Pyzem Studios


    We are selling all kind of setups, if you want to buy/order some, join our discord and create a ticket. https://[Censored]/discord (we are aslo giving some of them away for free)
  16. zayoooo

    Kit Selector v1.0

  17. N

    Lobby Setup v1.0

    OVERVIEW: This setup is essential for communities, because you can fully configure it to work very well and professionally. FEATURES: ◈Multi-Version Support | 1.8x-1.20x ◈ 2 Server NPCs ◈ Donation Goal (Hologram) ◈ 2 Server Selector Games ◈ Clean Design ◈ Easy to Configure ◈ Player Settings...
  18. KarlossMNF

    ShopGUIPlus | CUSTOM Config v1.0

  19. Clipsy


  20. Pillage_

    Recon Generators v1.4

    Recon Generators is a simple plugin which introduces the concept of upgradable generators in the game. The generators produce items which are fully customizable, including their NBT-Tags as well! In addition to that, we also offer holograms for the generators! Configurable Generators - All...