big server

  1. S

    Selling smerica discord server

    Deleted diesels discord server, 5000+ member community, selling for 500 $ paypal Can discuss price
  2. leogio

    FlatEarthMC // 2 Months Old

    Hey all. I'm selling my server FlatEarthMC due to personal reasons. The server has made ~$1.2k since it released 2 months ago. It averages 30 - 40 players during American times and during European 15 - 25. 420 Player Discord. 122 rank on TOPG. Comes with hosting for a year on a custom plan...
  3. VactumPlays

    Helpers needed - Discord Staff - 1k+ members

    Hello we are a discord community, with 1k+ members. We are recruiting helpers, and if you are interested, apply in our discord! (No its not paid) Discord: My User: VactumPlays#0720
  4. MrDan


    Hey guys! I can get you over 100 people joining in your Discord Server, etc. Add me on discord if you are interested: Asstoped#0001.
  5. H

    Looking for builders for Zytro HCF.

    Hey I am part of the build team of Zytro, There are currently only two people in the build team so we are looking for new builders. If you would like to join please contact me on discord, Halex#3091
  6. Illumlnatl

    Full Server Team (PAID) (PROFESSIONAL)

    Currently building a large scale server project and am in need of a team, these positions will be COMPLETELY paid positions and I will be making no profit off of this! The people I am looking for & the amount they will be paid will be below. 15% OF SERVER PROFITS WILL BE RETURNED BACK INTO THE...
  7. MCStalker123

    (PAID) Advertisement - 726 Member Discord

    Hello MC-Market Users! To fund projects which will be taking place on Discord Marketing, we are doing paid advertisements. Our offers: - £4 -> posting an advertisement without a tag [up for a week] - £6 -> posting an advertisement and tagging 1 specific role [up for a week] - £8 -> posting an...
  8. ShockW8ve

    Selling CubePvP | PvP | Custom Plugins (made by me) | Donations | Player base |

    What is CubePvP? CubePvP is a server based on only PvP. We've been working on it for quite some time and never got around to working on it again. We've been busy with other activities in which we no longer want to work on CubePvP. What Custom Plugins do you guys have? We have a sort of different...
  9. L

    FarRealms Looking for a manager

    FarRealms looking for a dedicated manager. Brief Description FarRealms is a server which has been open the past five months and has built from the ground upwards we did not buy any servers we made them ourselves and have spent many hours in doing so. When we opened back in July we gained a...
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