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  1. yves.

    Exchange X | Crypto & PayPal Exchange / Automated Exchange

    I have started to continue my exchange. We mainly do Your Paypal > My BTC/Crypto exchanges, but other offers can be made. I accept canadian giftcards I ONLY TAKE FRIENDS & FAMILY FOR PAYPAL, THIS IS DUE TO CB Exchange X Discord < - Click here to join the discord & start your easy & fast...
  2. N

    Doing exchanges 3-6% depending on amount

    Doing exchanges from PayPal/cashapp/card to crypto and vice Versa at very low rates (3-6%) and 10% extra for card. ✨ Server: Discord: NotGarry#0001
  3. bgp1114

    [H] $65 Paypal [W] Crypto

    DM me your rates BGP#0419 discord
  4. call911

    Call's Exchange | Get your Crypto for cheaper!

    Crypto -> PayPal/IBAN/Paysera/Revolut 2.5% Fee + Transaction fee. Minimum fee is 2$ PayPal/IBAN/Paysera/Revolut -> Crypto 3% Fee + Transaction fee Crypto -> Crypto 2% Fee + Transaction fee. Join my Discord here!
  5. B

    DISCORD SERVER FOR SALE / Crypto and NFT / 45k Members / 25k Twitter Followers

    DM for more info
  6. N


    -- WatchEx's Crypto Exchange -- CashApp <-> Bitcoin 5% fee, $3 minimum ($50 Giveaway Ongoing CashApp/Crypto/Venmo) Discord: Payment methods: CashApp, PayPal, and Venmo
  7. Gothality

    Crypto -> Bank Transfer 6% Fee | Crypto -> PayPal | Reputable w/ 5,000+ Vouches ⭐

    Doing crypto to bank & crypto to paypal. I have over 5,000 vouches & have dealt with millions, add me on Discord to find out more. Open an exchange on!'s Exchanges Gothality#7777 993921758228922509
  8. HappyPika

    Swap Crypto At Low Fee

    fee for trades below $100 - $2.5 or 4% of every $100+ trades most cryptos are available to convert Add Chary#0001 if you are interested
  9. waduster

    3% Fee for USD ⮕ ETH, BTC, SOL

    I am willing to send you ETH, BTC, SOL, and any crypto in exchange for USD via Zelle and Cashapp. I have plenty of refs on Twitter and Instagram (can click on links) and can give you proof I own the account. Reasons to Work With Me: Plenty of Refs Respond Quickly and Good Communicator Have...
  10. HighCombos

    [H] BTC,LTC [W] Amazon Giftcards 55%

    Will buy amazon giftcards at 50% for giftcards under $100, 55% for giftcards over $100 add my discord: pre#0001
  11. LunaDZN

    Looking for Skrill -> Btc

    Does anyone do low fee exchanges for skrill to btc?
  12. HappyPika


    hit me a dm if interested. Discord - LiteCelio#0001 you go first or do the trade with trusted middleman
  13. B

    Paypal to Bitcoin needed (binance wallet)

    Hi, I would like to transfer my 20€ paypal money to bitcoin (I have binance wallet). The address is: 0x17a6649a9d774b94b34671d1fb172766a8c56092. I would give paypal money first if you have reputation. If you want to help me out, add me here: Steffke#0001
  14. Hystri


    -- Rexx's Crypto Exchange -- CashApp <-> Bitcoin 5% fee, $3 minimum Discord Payment methods: CashApp, PayPal, and Venmo
  15. C

    [H]1000$ AmazonGiftCard [W]700$ Crypto

    ・We will trade through trusted middleman ・I want Bitcoin or Litecoin ・The gift card is available in USA ・For more information Discord : Crut#0001 Telegram : @crutsan
  16. Cade

    Cade's Crypto Shop

    Cade's Crypto Shop Rate: 10% fee ($10 minimum) Example: 10%: $100 Crypto = $110 Payment $10 Fee: $15 Crypto = $25 Payment Payment Methods: PayPal Zelle Cashapp Venmo Terms Of Service: You may not chargeback I have the right to deny service to anyone You will go first I am not responsible...
  17. TripleZone

    CryptoExchanger - The crypto revolution has arrived on gaming servers. [Craftingstore & Tebex]

    Link To Resource Live Preview:
  18. SM221

    Selling BTC to paypal (done)

    I'm looking for somebody that is intressded in buying 400 USD worth of BTC. I get 10% to paypal i will not go first, i can show that i have the crypto. if you dont trust you pay for middleman looking for somebody serious. I have the crypto from mining. all messages goes trought this site...
  19. s1ke

    Crypto to Crypto Exchange | - Fast & Easy Transactions Low Fees

    AUTO CRYPTO 2 CRYPTO EXCHANGE - Fast & Anonymous Transactions - Low Fees - Secured Exchange Now [ WEBSITE ] Discord Coming Soon... Discord Support: cu1tured#6969
  20. C

    Selling 750$ BTC for PayPal 2% Fee

    Selling up to 750$ Willing to do 400$ USD minimum. Only accept PayPal, I will cover MM fees. Discord: Wox#1990
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