1. mementomorifrog

    Black Market System v1.0

    Unlock the Underground: Scripted, Customizable, Detailed, Effortlessly Configurable System Scripted Customisable Detailed Easy To Configure
  2. byteful

    NightMarket - Limited, Rotating Shops v1.2.0.2

    A plugin that brings a limited-access, rotating shop to Minecraft. Supports Vault and has an easy-to-use developer API for other plugins. You may compile this plugin yourself, but I will not provide support to those who do not purchase the plugin. Developer API to add currency support...
  3. PlagueisTheWise

    BlackMarket v2.2.6

    Dependencies: Vault Please Note: If you are running any server in 1.8, you will need to have this resourse, as otherwise, errors will be thrown. (The resourse is free and simply allows references to libraries which were created post 1.8 release) If you have any ideas for further...