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  1. EliteCreatures

    EliteCreatures | Premade | High Quality | Affordable | Model & 3D Bosses Shop

  2. BlightCraft

    [Selling] [Over $7000 USD In Sales] BlightCraft Domain, Minecraft Server and Discord Server

    I have owned Blightcraft for 2 years now, and am interested in selling. We have accrued a total of over $7000 in sales during this time period. I am stepping aside due to personal health reasons, and our player count has declined in recent months because I have been unavailable to implement...
  3. Auxilor

    EcoBosses 8.89.1

    See this plugin running on my server! (Latest Version) Using these partner codes will support me!
  4. Build Store


    Max map size: 100x100 Cost: $4.99 Includes: • 70x70 play area • Places for players/bosses spawn You will get: • Archive with x6 schematics: 1.8 version IMPORTANT! Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 because the leaves from trees can fall down. Discord: lakaithree#4129...
  5. Splodgebox

    EliteBosses | Create your own bosses | 5 Premade Bosses & 10+ Effects | 1.8 - 1.16.5

    EliteBosses is an easy to use custom boss plugin in which you can create your own bosses with little to no effort. Compared to boss creators like MythicMobs which are very complex and take a while to understand and learn, this plugin is very user friendly and bosses are made to be not only easy...
  6. Anndrew

    Bosses [1.8-1.16] | Create Custom Mob Bosses 1.0.3

    Bosses [1.8-1.16] Create Custom Mob Bosses for Your Players to Fight. Great addition for any server Easily create multiple mobs to fight Automatic boss spawn events Player who deals most damage to the boss gets rewarded WildStacker, ClearLag, and Factions Hooks /boss help - Shows all...
  7. xF IncrettivE

    PVP Survival Setup// Many custom features 1.6.6

    PvP oriented Survival setup This setup offers one of the best Survival PVP experiences out there with a bunch of custom made features, this server has many unique aspects you will find below on the thread IMPORTANT: This setup works at it best only with PermissionsEX! The following plugins...
  8. Diz

    ✧ Stellar Bosses ✧ Unique and Optimized Boss Plugin | Special Abilities & Resistance | 1.8 | $15

    Price: $15 Join Our Discord!
  9. Wazup922

    Tower Defense X [Create towers and enemies/bosses with your custom designs!] 3.2

    You can also find this plugin on SpigotMC! the plugin has achieved 80+ purchases on spigot!:✦-tower-defense-x-✦-create-towers-and-enemies-bosses-with-your-custom-designs.70774/ Tower Defense X: This minigame is about surviving waves and hordes of enemies...
  10. JoshC28

    (!) Seeking New & Established Youtubers, Streamers, and Faction Leaders [PAID] (!)

    Hello, My name is Josh and I run a small Faction server called JourneyLands. I'm currently looking to get in contact with Youtubers, Streamers, and Faction Leaders. Our faction server I think has potential and could be a fun place, for people to play on. To any Streamers or Youtubers looking to...
  11. Havocness_Reborn

    Looking talented staff for ♛LostAge Dungeons♛ WIP!

    ♛LostAge Dungeons♛ Base Raiding - Guilds - War- - Classes - Loot - Dungeons ✐ ABOUT ✐ The server is about guild on guild wars, to see who is the top of the top. You will be grinding gear items bosses and different worlds to fight other guilds to get the chance to be the crown of...
  12. FearfulDenizen

    Dungeons 2.4.2

    Inspired by Hypixel Skyblock Dungeons and Minecraft Dungeons Wiki MythicMobs BossTM Plugin Showcase Plugin Videos Head to the wiki for more videos! Installation...
  13. Sinnethh

    Mythic Mobs setup

    Hello MCM Users, I'm currently looking for someone who's got experience with Mythic Mobs to do a complete setup for me. I'm in need of 5 Different bosses and a few small mobs to have on my server. The server is based on skyblock with some mines where these bosses and others will spawn. The...
  14. N

    New Unique Skyblock Server - SkyTopia

    Hello, SkyTopia is a skyblock server that is going to be releasing soon we have some unique features such as customizable spawner drops, spawner powerups, bosses, monthly crates, minions, luckyblocks, dungeons, mines, money pouches, and so on but those are just a few. SkyTopia is going to be...
  15. parpar8090

    Wisel Network - chill survival, new items, mobs and more!

    The Wisel Network Runs on 1.14.4. IP: Website: Live (Dynamic) Survival Map: owner: parpar8090 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The Wisel Network is a chill network, it has 2 games: Survival, and Creative. In Creative...
  16. Havocness_Reborn

    ✅ Need builders to join team ✅ and staff✅ Rpg Guilds Dungeons...Bosses

    Guilds - War zone - Classes - Bosses - Loot - Dungeons Discord: If you are interested and wanna apply to help me us out pls do apply on the discord DISCORD:
  17. Ghast


    ★ MAP | Map on this setup is fully made from my builders! Not like the last map this map is fully unique and lot of hours was needed for it to be finished! The map by every meaning is amazing and you players will love it! ★ SCOREBOARD | On a scoreboard, you can find all informations about...
  18. EluveMC


    Hey MCM I have a skyblock server that I want you all to check out! We Have Bunch Of Features Such As: Inventory Pets Bosses Tokens IS TOP REWARDS 165+ Crate Rewards OP Voting Special Hoppers Envoys Quests GKITS Custom Enchantments And Many More, I'd appreciate it if you guys came onto the server...
  19. FilthyMC

    Dungeon Build

    Hello, I am requesting a builder for a dungeon on our server. Players will spawn in a large, abandoned iron mine and follow a route/tunnel down to the first open area (where waves of mobs will spawn). Then players will follow a route down to second open area (where we will have a mini-boss)...
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