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  1. Sir_Craftypants

    [Cosmetics and Tools] Warden Set for Itemsadder v1.1

    The pack includes all the above in the style of Minecrafts Warden Mob with Itemsadder Configuration and a preset Category. The Models in this pack do not require a custom texture as they use Minecraft textures instead. Have a question? Contact me on Discord - sircraftypants#4875 Proof of...
  2. xYoxa

    [🌌Void Plugins🌌] ✨VoidBoosting✨1.8+ [FREE] 1.0

    About Plugin: ✨| VoidBoosting allows your players to boost with bows on version 1.13+. ✨| You can add a delay so players don't spam it ✨| You can modify the amount of boost you want when bow boosting ✨| All messages are configurable Config: Permssions: ✨| bowboosting.delay.bypass Plugin...
  3. Pedro Pagani

    Bow Teleport - 2021-08-06

    With this plugin you're able to allow players to teleport to arrow locations when shooting. Features: Neat donor perk, while remaining EULA safe! UUID Friendly! Particles Version tested: 1.17 Open-source: Quick review by the author: Support only...
  4. EndlessGames

    AntiBow | Prevent players shooting arrows 3.1.1

    AntiBow is a useful plugin that prevents players from shooting arrows when they are in certain regions or worlds (WorldGuard/Multiverse). This feature is really helpful in the spawn area of your server, as well as in some minigames. In other words, players will no longer be able to fill your...
  5. Lone____Wolf

    SupremePatches | All-In-One Patches 1.6.2

    Options Include, Disabling EndPortals Disabling Enderman/Blaze Drowning Disabling Ice/Snow Melting Disabling Weather Disabling Spawners Burning/Exploding ( The Dropped Entity) Disabling Withers unless spawned in a whitelisted world Disabling Spawner Placing If you deal over 2.5 Hearts to a...
  6. JustReddy

    TeleportBow 1.7

    By JustReddy This is my first ever plugin. if u find bugs or smth wont work, join the support server . DO NOT USE THE REVIEW SECTION to post bugs or ask for help, WIKI /tpbow give - gives u the tpbow /tpbow reload - reloads config.yml tpbowonjoin - Gives you the bow when you join...
  7. _HQR _

    AdvancedTeleportBow [1.8-1.12.2] ~ MUST HAVE IN HUB! 1.2

    The AdvancedTeleportBow is a plugin that make your bow a teleport machine! It will teleport you to the location where the arrow hit! Toggle Bow Unbreakable! Toggle Titles And Subtitles! Toggle Give Player Bow On Join! Set Titles' Fade In/Out And Stayed! Set Particles Amount! (Add In Ver1.1)...
  8. M

    Feedback please (Custom 3D Renders, Youtube Banner)

    Hey guys can you please give me feed back on my work. Im new to this, would you guys use these for anything or can you see people requesting work from me? Thanks guys
  9. Marius


    ProjectilesTrails by Marius ProjectilesTrails is a plugin that allows players to have particle effects trail from their arrows and snowballs. NEW: Particles on SNOWBALLS (this particles are per player): NEW: You can create your custom trail for arrow CustomTrail: Name: '&5Custom...
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