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  1. Ellie

    6x Hand Drawn Loot Pouch Tebex/Buycraft Icons 1.1

  2. 2

    Build me a map

    Can someone build me a minecraft map. if you ever heard of a genre called box servers i need a minecraft map like that or a spawn going into a big box map. please DM 2321#9999 on discord for more information about price etc. thank you!
  3. Sp0oky

    Sp0oky Services

    Cheap Dedicated Servers
  4. A

    Crazy Crates Last Update | Support | Messages FR | Configuration FR | x6 Crates | Pvp/Faction 1.0

    POUR ACHETER CE PRODUIT, VENEZ SUR NOTRE DISCORD ET OUVREZ UN TICKET !! PRIX: 4.99 € LIEN DISCORD Cette configuration du plugin CrazyCrate est une configuration créée par moi-même. Vous pouvez utiliser cette configuration du plugin CrazyCrate sur votre serveur afin de lui ajouter des...
  5. LemonNinja

    I need a voxel modeler to help me (PAID)

    I need vehicle models for my Minecraft server, it would be much appreciated. We are also willing to pay you. If you are interested in the job, feel free to add me directly on discord. Discord: Ryan#1618
  6. Zeytox_

    Spawn Faction | Medieval 160x160 1

    ─━━━━─╯┊ ✧ ೃ ༄ ┊ Spawn ┊ ✧ ೃ ༄ ┊╰─━━━━─╮ Taille: 160x160 Thème: Médiéval Zone Boxe (5 carrés) Enchantement de zone Forge de zone Pêche en zone Zone Portail Contient: -Carte -Schématique -Coordonné: 0 10 0 Un problème? Une question? Site ou discorde: Zeytox_ # 6810
  7. PM2.

    50% SALE | Specialized Crates | 25+ Animations | Create Animations Yourself 3.0.0-Pre3.0

    SpecializedCrates is the first Spigot Crates Plugin 1.8 - 1.18.2 that allows you to create custom animations without any programming knowledge. All animation previews seen below can be changed and edited to your liking Crate Animations Made By Users...
  8. x9nico


    FROM 2.3.4, THE SERVER REQUIRE JAVA 17. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR SERVERS TO JAVA 17 ! PLEASE NOTE: SERVER DON'T SUPPORT SPIGOT, YOU MUST USE PAPERSPIGOT TO RUN IT ! /!\ For each versions of the Setup, I recommend to use the latest version of Minecraft available with Paper ! /!\ The payments are...
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