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  1. E

    Spawn Faction 150x150

    It's a small spawn,it contains 5 warp! • Warp Free • Warp Crates • Warp Farm • Warp Enchant • Warp Repair »Price» 10 $ @EkxzLimitati_robot on telegram if you want this spawn.
  2. Felixbuilds

    Builds for your server, professional and fast

    Hey MCM! For those of you which do not know me, my name is Felixbuilds I am an austrian builder. I managed 2 successful buildteams in the past (SoundofBlocks and Avanium) and I was a builder for 4 years in the following teams: Pixelbiester, NewHeaven, Rewinside Buildteam, Playminity, Avanium...


  4. VolTec

    Survival HCF Spawn - 90x90 v1.1

    BUILD INFORMATION File format: World and Schematic Game Version: 1.8.X-1.20.X Shop area: ✓ Fishing area: ✓ Crate area: ✓ Food (spawners) area: ✓ 3D PREVIEW [CLICK HERE]
  5. R

    Looking for Builder or Build Team

    Hello everyone, my name is YouJelly_, and I am currently remaking my entire server! After weeks of frustration with my old spawn and server, I have decided to start fresh again. So for any builders or build teams interested, I am looking for a Factions Spawn, and Custom Warzone/Terrain, and 3...
  6. ZackIsTheBest


    If you wish to buy it please go to No longer exclusive! (Can't delete the post :/)
  7. Wufie

    Factions Spawn | High Quality | 3.00$

    Regular sized Factions spawn to make your server better :) You can buy it here : non exclusive more screenshots: you will get the map as a schematic folder. Terms of service: You are not allowed to chargeback you are not allowed to post the map for free You...
  8. FineArts_

    [Exclusive] $30 GOTHIC FACTION SPAWN [125x125] (Mine,PvPArena,XPFarm,Shop,TradingStation)

    Faction Spawn .__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__. This map has a big structure in the middle and the small terrain around it is very well painted, its theme is Gothic. Its a very good map for your server because of the design and gameplay...
  9. ItsMatt

    Buying BUILDS

    Hello! I am buying some builds! What I need if you can get me them :D Faction Spawn Custom Terrain HCF Spawn with Roads and Custom Terrain Hub Spawn Thanks! :)
  10. jacobsscoots

    A 2k by 2k Map for a factions server.

    Hi MCM Community, I am requesting a free 2k by 2k map for a factions server that I will be making to sell on here. Terraformers are welcomed to do this if they want, the server name is LutosaMC so the theme is a medieval theme. Please contact me on Skype if your able to do this for me...
  11. FineArts_

    Faction Spawn 90x90

    Faction Spawn by FineArts images: proofs: contact me skype for more info: superangelxz Note: first I accept payment and then give the product
  12. RandomAssGamer

    Minecraft Faction Spawn

    Revamping the post!
  13. Matilaina

    HCF MAP BUILDS. High Quality

    I AM SELLING THIS ON A PAGE TO MAKE ALL MORE SECURE! THE PAGE IS CALLED SELLFY AND IT IS SUPER SECURE! LINK: Hello! I'm Matilaina I form part of the build team of the famouse server "Badlion Network" (Map Team) and I'm here today to sell...
  14. Badaxian

    Selling 51x51 KOTH $5 [Multiple Buyers]

    Hello McMarket! I am selling a 51x51 Koth I made for my server but I'm deciding to sell it now. I am a new member and I have only bought one thing on mc market so I have don't have a reputation. PM me if you are interested in buying. New Price: $3 Terms: Don't resell this build Don't claim it as...
  15. Fire

    Large, Exclusive, High quality Factions Shop.

    Hi, today im selling the server shop from my old factions server. It was used there for about 2-3 weeks, before the server closed down, since we decided to make a new network. Im now selling that shop, it hasnt been used on any other server, and isnt currently been used, so its Exclusive. Can...
  16. Rationalization

    Looking for Builders for Factions (spawn is only thing left before release)

    Looking for people who are looking for a job on my server as a builder, after the spawn is built you will get and keep the Builder prefix and your name will be somewhere located on the spawn saying you built it. The server itself is literally only waiting on spawn, contact me on skype for more...
  17. S

    Any Builds

    Within 24 hours my team and i will create most of the suggestioned builds that you comment bellow. Please also comment how much you would be willing to pay for the build you describe if you are willing to pay! Since we are in this for $ in the long run we will be offering the builds for sale...
  18. TarJae

    Factions Spawn

    Hello MCMarket! I was wondering if there is anyone willing to build me a spawn for some money, I need a professional builder, and I'm willing to pay your desired amount, as long as it isn't over priced. I'm willing to pay a good amount, and I price things pretty good in my opinion, anyways if...
  19. ChronosYT

    Cheap Faction Spawn!

    Looking for a good looking but cheap faction spawn. Send images below and skype so we can start talking and figure out an offer Thank You
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