1. FIKKU


    Spawn fantasy kingdom on tropical islands, fully 100% decorated with decorated interiors. CONTAINS - spawn area crate area shop stall area -pvp coliseum fishing zone crop area throughout the spawn - blacksmith and more REVIEW ➡️ 👷VERSION: 1.18 onwards 💵PRICE: $45 [RESALE RIGHTS INCLUDED]...
  2. AxoLab

    Naruto Spawn | AxoLab | Minecraft Studio v1.0

    With this map give a new look to your users, with a Naruto theme! ;)
  3. Vaspei

    Tropical Island Spawn v1.0

    Features: Interiors 384x384 1.20+ 4 Crates 8 NPCs Leaderboards PvP Arena & More Important: Make sure to run the command "/gamerule randomtickspeed 0" to prevent all leaves from breaking.
  4. Epics

    Offert Epic Prision Mine 100x100 v1.8

  5. PGD_nrjx

    Road pack v1.2

    City road pack for rp map ,simple to customize if you need something you can add me on : --discord (nrjx_off) --roblox (arceau07) --BuiltByBit (PGD_nrjx)
  6. cubed_tonker

    Netherland Firefighter v1.0

  7. WellSetups

    Orange Castle Spawn - 350x350 v1.0

    3D Model: - IMPORTANT LINKS Website: Discord: Social Media Pages:
  8. Clapnu

    Big Pvp Arena v1.0

    This is a pvp arena schematic this can be setup for /warp pvp or a pvp event, very easy to load in doesn't take up many resources and im willing to help with support or any questions you may have. This download comes with .schem file so you can just copy and paste it onto your server with world...
  9. cubed_tonker

    Neatherlands Ambulance v1.0

  10. cubed_tonker

    Theater v1.0

  11. cubed_tonker

    Netherland Police v1.0

  12. Silenced_Hush

    Lightup Cafe v1.0

    Open map for changes No scripts, can change the machines/add custom ones VIP area Rooftop access Hidden area Clothing area
  13. XSooNx

    DelusionMC | Best ad plans | Cheap Plans

    DelusionMC | Minecraft Community DelusionMC is a Minecraft Discord Community For Minecraft builds and more, That helps give Minecraft Server Owners all the tools they need to make their server startup successful. Minecraft Builds | Ad service | More things If you are looking to promote your...
  14. aywr

    Sun Arena Showdown A Summer PvP Map v1.0

    Introducing the newest addition to the PvP/KitPvP maps - a summer-themed battleground! This dynamic map features quaint cottages scattered across its landscape, providing ample cover and strategic vantage points for intense player-versus-player combat. From cozy hideouts to open fields, every...
  15. koqel

    Swamp Sinkhole Lobby v1.0

    Swamp Sinkhole Lobby Features: 3 Spots for NPCs Map is made for a small server hub No secrets Small waterfall that is swimmable Map is made for 1.16+
  16. aywr

    Big winter chestpvp map 500x500 v1.0

    Welcome to BuiltByBit's ChestPVP Winter Map! Spanning across a vast 500x500 area, this map offers thrilling PvP action amidst a winter wonderland. Prepare for intense battles and strategic maneuvers as you navigate through various terrains and unique features. At the spawn point, players will...
  17. Urban Studios

    Arby's Exterior V1 v1.0

    Arby's Exterior V1
  18. Urban Studios

    McDonald's Exterior V3 v1.0

    McDonald's Exterior V3
  19. Urban Studios

    BoJangle's Exterior V1 v1.0

    BoJangle's Exterior V1
  20. Urban Studios

    Dairy Queen Exterior V1 v1.0

    Dairy Queen Exterior V1
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