1. raiyan9

    Elmore Village, Gloucestershire, England v1.0

    Embark on an adventure through the charming town of Elmore, Gloucestershire, meticulously recreated in this expansive Roblox map spanning 2100 x 2100 studs. Discover a diverse array of housing styles and buildings, from quaint cottages to bustling establishments like pubs and stores, inviting...
  2. raiyan9

    State of Tamaulipas, Mexico v1.0

    Expansive map measuring 3152 x 7030 studs Features a large main city (1120 x 916 studs) and 2 medium-sized villages Includes a private palace building Unique faction vehicles such as improvised SVBIED scrap trucks and American military faction vehicles Local clinic building with interior Police...
  3. raiyan9

    Kandahar City, Afghanistan v1.0

    Extremely large map, spanning over 7,000 x 7,000 studs Realistic lighting and atmosphere Highly detailed terrain Features numerous Middle Eastern-style buildings, farms, and mountain ranges Set in 2004, with installed FOB and US/Afghani gear FOB spawn base equipped with accessories such as...
  4. FMDS

    PNP Camp Crame v1.0

    FEATURES All of the Models are in the files (Easy to Setup) Civilian Spawn PNP main Gate Training Area Parade Deck Huge Parking Lot HQ Buildings PNP Headquarters Detailed map Big map Not scripted more+
  5. Vextrosity

    18 Structures | Asset Pack v1.0

    Includes • Detailed Interiors • 3 Market Stands • Large House • Medium House • 2 Small Houses • Lighthouse • Fishing Hut • Grain Silo • Horse Stables • Log Store • Well • Sawmill • Windmill • Blacksmith • Barn • Farm Free to use commercially, combined with your projects. Assets not to be sold...
  6. RomaInvicta

    General Medieval Asset Pack v1.0

    In this pack you will find high poly assets that will satisfy most of your Medieval/RPG needs, it contains: A set of basic medieval weapons; Medieval props and furniture; Medieval themed buildings, both with interiors and without.
  7. Dizzyhen43

    Industrial Filler Buildings v1.0

    Filler buildings only, Little/no Interior
  8. Dizzyhen43

    Soviet Filler Buildings v1.0

    Filler Buildings Only, No Interior
  9. Dizzyhen43

    Filler Stores v1.0

    ・3 Filler Buildings ・Clothing Store ・Nightclub
  10. BlockyCat

    SRF V2 v1.0

  11. BlockyCat

    BIARF v1.0

  12. BlockyCat

    Zone Bravo v1.0

  13. MonkeyBoi

    Row Apartment 1 v1.0

    Features: No Interior 4 Storey High Realistic Textures and Size Space Below for Shops/Displays Decorations Easily Customisable
  14. MonkeyBoi

    Modern Villa 1 v1.0

    Features: No Interior Large Build Two Levels Outdoor Balcony Huge Living Area Garage in House
  15. MonkeyBoi

    Cannon Airport v1.0

    Features: Large in Size Huge Name Text Customisable Airport Name External Greenery Decoration Beautiful Exterior Detailed Interior with Decorations Easily Customisable
  16. MonkeyBoi

    Medium Family House 1 v1.0

    Features: No Interior, Filler Build Fitting Size One Storey with Brick Roof Two Rooms Split Multiple Exterior Windows Outer Sitting Area
  17. MonkeyBoi

    Classic Building v1.0

    Features: Large in Size Detailed Exterior Multiple Levels Spacious and Empty Interior for Decoration Fitting Corner Tower Classical Design
  18. MonkeyBoi

    Villa House 1 v1.0

    Features: Enormous 2 Floors Furnished Interior Long Garage for Multiple Parking 2 Main Bedrooms Huge Living Area Bathroom at a Corner Note: The BMW i8 in the pictures does not come along.
  19. MonkeyBoi

    EF Gas Station v1.0

    Features: Unique EF Brand! Customisable Large Station 12 Gas Pumps + 3 Parking Lots Decorated Gas Station with Sufficient Deocrations Empty SHOPS & SERVICES for fillers Note: Roads and Cars do not come along.
  20. Ram Studio

    Low Poly Lobby Pack 1 v1.0

    Key Features: Optimized Performance: Engineered for efficiency, this low-poly arena ensures smooth gameplay, even on lower-end devices, allowing players to focus on the action without sacrificing performance. Strategic Layout: The map is strategically designed to...