buildteam recruiting

  1. 358514

    ★ Rebirth Builds is HIRING talented Builders! ★

  2. tommankt

    Looking for Build Team

    Hey I'm Tom 'tommankt.' I am looking to secure a position at a Build Team. I have been building for quite a long time and has always been the thing I most enjoy about Minecraft however I have never really done it professionally apart from making a couple of things such as prison mines or...
  3. joziod12

    Looking for people to advertise [Paid]

    hey im the owner of template build team a up and coming build team we have recently decided to make a advertising sub group to advertise the build team so herei am looking for people willing to advertise the build team you will be payed for every deal you get the percentage is %10 of the whole...
  4. joziod12


    Hello my name is Joe and im the owner of template build team.We are a new build team looking for more commisions As Advertising manager you will be in charge of getting more advertising workers and more commisions we are not expecting instant success but someone who can actually help us would...
  5. joziod12

    template build team looking for builders [PAID]

    hey my name is joe and im the owner of template build team a new and thriving build team we are currently looking for new builders to complete builds.As a builder you can be payed up to £100 and over but only if you complete builds for us if you have any questions or want to apply pls dm me at...
  6. joziod12

    template build team sales rep needed [PAID]

    hey template build team is a new and thriving build team but we are in need of sales reps as a sales rep you can be payed over £100 but only if your good and actualy get us deals. If you have any questions pls dm me at joe_gamer#8883 have a good day
  7. Opto

    (PAID) Builders,Sales Reps, Management and potential CEO

    Xenos Builds is Recruiting! Looking for… Management, Sales Representatives, Builders, Designers, and Developers and Potential COO PS: (Looking for 2 marketplace high quality professional builders.) Information: Xenos Builds is a professional Minecraft build team with people who dedicate...
  8. A

    Looking for builders

    I’m a new server owner and I’m looking for builders to help me out build if you are interested add my discord _At0mic#9357 and I’ll give you more information
  9. N

    In need of developers and Builders!✨️Paying based on commissions✨️Galaxy Development

    Hello! I am Sam. I am the founder of a new and upcoming business called Galaxy Development. I am looking to start hiring people on to work by my side as we climb to the top! What we have to offer We can offer you a steady income, along with a strong friendly management team working by your...
  10. HannahGrace0201

    Looking for builders! [Full Time!] [Brand new server] ~ BulletCraft Network!

    Hello, I'm gonna make this short and sweet like I do with all of my threads! I am looking for a good team of builders to come on and work for us. We're gonna have many different types of game modes! (Creative, Skyblock, and Factions!) We need you to help build up those servers and help us...
  11. Oak

    Building work

    Hey all, I'm looking for some build work over the Christmas period. Happy to join you as a one of the team, as a partnership or to do some solo work on your server. Preferably looking for paid roles but happy to work unpaid under the right circumstances (Usually dependant on the presence of a...
  12. Rokso

    Looking for a build team to join!

    Here is my build portfolio! ----------------------------- Discord RoksoArt#8587
  13. SavagezPvP

    FierceStudios | Affordable build | Fantasy/medieval lobby-spawn $15

    Welcome to FierceStudios minecraft Build Team Today we are selling a premade 240x240 Fantasy/medieval lobby-spawn! ONLY AT $15 Very Detailed build Has a NPC area Has 2 main portals(additional the walls) Build color is changeable(Default: Purple) How could you change the color? with worldedit...
  14. J

    Requsting Builders/Staff

    Staff, Looking for friendly staff. The server has not been released yet the is no eta on when it will be all staff positions are voluntary EDIT: Discord:Jay.#1426
  15. Rokso

    Looking for a build team to join!

    Some of my builds! Discord RoksoArt#8587
  16. FeVox

    Need in builders

    Upcoming build team please pm me on discord for more detail - Simply#7537
  17. Oak

    Build Services to a Build Team

    Hi All, I'm currently looking to join a Build team that is equally if not better than my own skill level. I have had many years of experience working on Minecraft creating builds for many different players and servers. I'm Currently looking for a team that is taking on commissions. You can...
  18. Makiavellir

    Builders to recreate hogwarts map

    Hi there and thank u for reading my thread! My name is Revan and i am the owner of a server called Zatcast. We are rennovating our server and are in need of a new Hogwarts map. We already had a map in mind but the original builder of the map lost it, so this map has never been released yet. for...
  19. Kaja

    ❋ BeastEye Build Team ❋ ⇗ RECRUITING ⇖ ⭐️Builders ✦ Terraformers ✦ Advertisers⭐️ [PAID]

    ¨X¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨[ BeastEye Build Team is recruiting! ¨^¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨a About us BeastEye is a small team that specialize in Minecraft Builds. We provide builds depends on what our customer's liking are and we keep the...
  20. 901cosmic

    Looking for builders

    Hello, Im looking for builders who know how to use voxel sniper, world edit and know how to build amazing builds. And are willing to play atleast 2hours a day. And also its paid. Either paid by me or the person who we work for.
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